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There’s no doubting the significance of the written word, but in today’s world the power of the moving picture can no longer be ignored.

Build your own WordPress video library

Through the massive reach the web has in all of our lives it’s never been easier to find and publish videos about, well…anything!

Not only are authors rushing to create the next viral video, but there are thousands of people ready to share your work on social media.

Platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Periscope make it easy to find and publish videos (an otherwise technical process) with the added benefit of being connected to millions of people from around the world 1 1. To get a better idea of YouTube's massive reach, check out some of the numbers behind it. × .

Many people are making a name for themselves on video and are driving millions of views to these platforms daily.

…even my own quiet self started my own YouTube channel and have a lot of fun using videos to grow my business and better reach my customers.

But as I began publishing videos to YouTube, I realized there was a problem…

Instead of sending traffic to videos on my own website, I was sending it away to YouTube.

Call me greedy, but it didn’t feel right to spend hours to make a video to only to send my readers offsite to YouTube to watch it.

Yes, posting on YouTube opens my videos up to new people I may have never found otherwise.

Yes, I can easily cross-post videos to my site with the YouTube embed code.

When it comes to the content I create, I want maniacal control over how I present it—that’s why I own my website with WordPress.

From the design of my pages to the email signup forms, I want every element on my page to work together—and videos are one of the most important parts of a persuasive sales page.

Sending my readers away to YouTube gave up the control I had over my presentation and simply slapping embed codes into posts didn’t create as good of a viewing experience as is found on YouTube.

The problem was simply: how can I create a great video experience on my own website an still benefit from the massive built-in audience on YouTube?

The answer to that is right before your eyes…


Hot out of the MD Labs, I’m happy to introduce to you…

The MD Video Suite: Build Your Own Video Library from WordPress

The MD Video Suite was built exclusively for the smart people who use Marketers Delight. Now from your website you can create beautiful video galleries and embed videos into posts with ease.

With deep YouTube integration you can import videos to your site in a click from the admin panel. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can cross-post videos from your YouTube channel onto your website.

The new MD Video Suite comes in two parts and is easy to get started.

Want to see how it works?

Part 1: MD4.6.4 adds the new Featured Video
meta box to your post editor

If you’re reading this, there’s a new version of Marketers Delight waiting for you in your dashboard!

Ready to update to MD4.6.4?

Go to Appearance in your WordPress admin to get the new update.
Before you update, make sure your site is on the latest version of WordPress. You must have an active license key to get MD updates!

  Download MD4.6.4 Buy MD Now →

Amongst some bug fixes and minor improvements, the new Featured Video meta box added in MD4.6.4 makes it easy to attach videos to any post, page, and entry in a custom post type.

You can now embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo all without ever touching code and never worrying about formatting.

Your videos will show at the top of posts in a wide format, creating a cinematic experience you just couldn’t get quite right before.

And don’t worry—if you host videos elsewhere you can just as easily paste your own embed code into the Featured Video meta box and still get the benefits I just mentioned.

Featured Video meta box

Simple controls with powerful results.

The Featured Video meta box is available to everybody using Marketers Delight, simply update MD from your dashboard to get it on your site.

For many, this simple new feature may be all they need.

…but for those who want to take their video publishing to the next level, allow me to show you the new MD Video Gallery Drop-in.

Part 2: Bring Your Video Channel to Your Website with the MD Video Gallery

I’ve been telling you for months that I’d be releasing powerful new Drop-ins. At long last, the new Video Gallery is the second Drop-in added to the collection.

After you install the Drop-in to your site you can start adding videos in a way that’s already familiar to you through the WordPress post editor.

Videos custom post type

From there you can fill out the Featured Video meta box and configure any other controls you want to complete your page.

Remember, our video pages are in WordPress now so we can take full advantage of the great features of MD as well the WordPress template system to create customized and focused pages.

Once you have your page the way you like it you can publish your video and see it listed on the new Video Gallery page on your site.
Build your own WordPress video gallery

Screenshot taken from the MDTV video gallery.

But that’s just where it all begins.

Show YouTube View Counts From Your Video Pages

If you host videos on YouTube you can link your account to your website for an even deeper integration.

Yes, that means you can take advantage of one of YouTube’s most powerful metrics right on your website: the view count!

Once connected, a YouTube subscribe button and the total view count will display below the video on each page to bring that familiar YouTube experience right to your website!

MD Video Bar

The real beauty of this integration is that as your video gets more views, the count will update automatically on your site. Set it once and forget it for later—you have more videos to make.

Not only can you now control the way your audience interacts with videos but you can use your website to grow your subscribers list with a well-placed Subscribe button below each video.

Isn’t it beautiful when your software works for you?

Import YouTube Videos in the Click of a Button

Thanks to the new Featured Video meta box it’s easy to add a video from any service to your video gallery.

If you’ve already published many videos to YouTube, chances are you’re looking for the easiest way to get your best videos onto your website.

Sure, you can go through the process of creating a new post and filling in the details manually, or you can use the built-in YouTube importer to publish them for you.

Import YouTube Videos

Once you connect your YouTube account to your website you can import any video on YouTube to your site.

Simply paste the video ID from your YouTube link into the importer and MD will pull the most important information from your video and publish it to your video gallery.

The YouTube importer pulls the following data:

  • Video Title + Description
  • Date published
  • Views count (with auto-refresh)
  • Teaser thumbnail image
  • Video tags

…and organizes it into each new entry without you having to lift a finger. You can then edit each video to get them just right and quickly move on to the next video.

Once your videos are imported, you can then organize them into Playlists (or categories) and feature your best videos at the top of your gallery page with the YouTube Bar.

I’m only touching the surface with this post, check out the Video Gallery on its Drop-ins page to see the full feature list and purchase it for your own site.

Are you ready to publish your Video Channel to your website?

Get Started With the Md Video Gallery Drop-in Today

There’s even more to the MD Video Gallery drop-in than what was covered in this post. Check out the Drop-in page to learn more, or buy now to own it for life:

Learn more →Add to Cart$17

See What Else is New in Marketers Delight 4.6.4

Marketers Delight 4.6.4

Did you think I was done?

In addition to the excellent new video features, Marketers Delight 4.6.4 also brings new bug fixes and improvements to your site:

  • New feature: Featured Video meta box
  • Security: improved admin options save data validation
  • Bug fix: removed auto-formatting on Popup custom templates
  • Bug fix: fixed bug on category pages that prevented blog teasers from loading
  • Bug fix: fixed textdomain in the Main Menu search bar for translators
  • Bug fix: fixed potentially broken md_filter_has_sidebar filter
  • Improvement: removed border from avatars, now shows a subtle drop shadow
  • Improvement: Added save/fail messages to all MD admin screens
  • Improvement: Admin CSS updates
  • Improvement: Each new MD update now flushes your site’s cache to attempt to refresh the MD code base automatically
  • New hook: md_hook_teaser_top
  • New filter: md_filter_loop_type
  • Misc.: Internal file reorganization
  • Misc.: Various MDAPI upgrades
  • Misc.: Removal of previously deprecated functions from MD4.3 and below (md_html_schema() and md_plugin_tax_data())
Ready to update to MD4.6.4?

Go to Appearance in your WordPress admin to get the new update.
Before you update, make sure your site is on the latest version of WordPress. You must have an active license key to get MD updates!

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