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Design your website with precision-guided marketing tools and build the custom website of your dreams with Marketers Delight.

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Built for WordPress

Marketers Delight is a battle-tested theme + framework for creating fast and power-packed websites.

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Do more with less

Activate advanced features on your site without a complex web of Plugins, all built on a reliable website ecosystem.

Speed and performance is priority #1 and all of your site's power features are hand built with invisibly small scripts + styles.

Manage your site settings from your WP admin panel and even custom develop your own workflows with rich dev tools.

MD is more than a theme, try it out now!

See MD's top features

  • Convert visitors to subscribers with MD Optins tools
  • Integrate services like MailChimp, Adobe Fonts, YouTube, and others
  • Add blogging tools like the Stream and Bookshelf to offer new kinds of content to your audience
  • Optimize your site out of the box
  • Add share + like buttons to your posts
  • ...and much more!

Extend your site with Drop-ins

Add new power features and templates to your website with the easy-to-use Drop-ins Manager.

Browse 21+ drop-ins

Manage your site the way you want

Build every website different and more according to specs by hosting your features in the MD Drop-ins Manager.

Similar to WP Plugins, Drop-ins are specially built to add and extend features across your site(s) with ease.

Built deeply into the same framework as MD's power features, Drop-ins are capable of advanced and game-changing tools you and your audience will love.

Site Design

Design and manage your site's important brand and layout decisions from a system-wide overview.

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From your words forward

Did you know that fonts, words, and invisible space are the heart of your entire website's design?

MD is known for its well-spaced design and that's thanks to the robust typography system that scales with each site's design.

From sweeping admin settings to rich dev and compiler tools, you can design more precise websites with smarter code.

Design with MD + WordPress

  • Set brand colors, logos, custom fonts, typography, and other design rules
  • Use the MD Icons Manager to manage a tiny font icons library (speed boost)
  • Set custom archive loops, manage bylines, create custom sidebars, and other layout decisions
  • Add custom tracking scripts, connect to Google Fonts, and minify your stylesheets

Writing Tools

Design your website around your words and use built-in writing tools and live preview to increase your proficiency.

Browse Writing Tools

Write better

WordPress is a place for publishing, and MD offers both additional writing tools and full support for the new Block Editor.

Combined with your Fonts & Typography choices, you can see your words as they will appear on your site in real-time!

Your words are what create action and transmit ideas, and MD gives you a wide range of tools to maximize those results.

MD's top writing tools

  • In-post layout options for quickly removing elements from pages
  • Add and manage footnotes with the Footnotes Manager
  • Attach featured videos and multiple featured image positions
  • Use Call to Action Blocks in the Gutenberg editor
  • ...and much more!

See the Top Features of the Marketers Delight WordPress Theme

Have a fast-loading website with WordPress

The era of slow WordPress websites is over

Marketers Delight Makes WordPress Fast With a Simple Strategy

Do more with less. Marketers Delight is built as a single system of reusable parts that keeps its features lightweight, adaptable, and perfectly blended into WordPress.

Every feature of MD is hand built with no jQuery dependencies, and extremely simple scripts to power MD's most advanced features.

Built in harmony with WordPress, all of MD's options are intelligently stored to the database for fast access and zero extra queries needed. No plugins, no problems.

WordPress integrations in Marketers Delight

Designed for your words

Master Your Website's Typography and Brand Design with the MD Site Designer

You will notice sites built with MD have far cleaner typography combinations and spacing than most sites. That's because MD is built to always adapt for best readability even as you add custom fonts and colors.

Key features of MD Site Designer:
  • Add Google and Adobe fonts, smartly adjust typography
  • Set your site's primary and secondary brand colors
  • Upload your site's light and dark logos
  • Change loops, featured image, author box, and more
Marketers Delight and WordPress Gutenberg

MD Enhances the Blocks Editor

Custom Gutenberg Blocks and Font Styles for a Better Writing Experience

Marketers Delight enhances the "Gutenberg" Blocks Editor to give it the polish it needs to be truly effective to write longform content.

MD and Gutenberg speed up your writing experience with custom blocks and matching typography to make it feel like you are writing on your live website itself!

MD Gutenberg Blocks:
  • Email Signup Form
  • Content Upgrade
  • Callout Block
  • Share Notice
  • Bouncing Arrow
WordPress integrations in Marketers Delight

Get your data on demand

Integrate Your Site With Email Marketing and Other Web Services

To make it easier to integrate your favorite email marketing and web fonts services, MD comes with built-in integrations to make managing and getting custom data to your site as easy as clicking a button.

MD neatly integrates With:
  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailerLite
  • Drip
  • Custom HTML Forms
  • Adobe Fonts
  • Google Fonts
  • Google Analytics
  • WooCommerce
  • XenForo
  • ...more coming soon!
MD optin template designs for WordPress

New! Welcome to MD Optins

A Stunningly Simple and Persuasive Suite of Optin Tools

Create and deploy convincing signup offers around your site like never before with MD Optins. Choose different template designs, customize them, and scatter around your site in a breeze. MD Optins comes with the following optin types:

  • Popups
  • Floating Bars
  • Email Forms
  • Corner Notes Coming soon

...and deploy them precisely throughout your site:

MD Optin forms deploy settings

WordPress writing tools in Marketers Delight

Simple options, advanced outcomes

Point-and-Click Writing Tools for Fast Content Creation

Because words are at the core of your website, MD adds exceptional writing tools to the post editor that allow you to make powerful changes to your page layouts in seconds.

Use Layout Options to remove specific elements from your page in a click. Format Featured Images in beautiful ways. Need citations? The Footnotes Manager is for you.

Other Post Editor Features:
  • Add Tracking Scripts to single pages
  • Create Custom Sidebars and assign to any post and page
  • Show/hide Floating Bars, Popups, and Email Forms
  • Add a Featured Video with various alignments
  • Edit Share buttons and icons order
Add Share Buttons to WordPress

Give your content reach

Simple Share and Like Buttons That Don't Slow Down Your Site

MD's simply designed Share buttons can help people share your posts on social media, and are easy to deploy and customize all over your site.

Use the Like button to give your readers an additional way to send you feedback and give yourself a fun little metric to watch increase over time.

MD + WordPress development tools

Extend WordPress with a simple API

Create Admin Pages, Custom Fields, Post Meta, and Other Extensions with the MD Toolkit

Developers, you can use the same tools as MD's built-in features and Dropins to create your own custom settings for yourself and your client's websites.

Tap into the power of MD Custom Fields and register custom settings in a breeze. Use Hooks and Filters to configure powerful functionality. More developer documentation coming soon.

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