MD4.6.5 Adds Precise Footnotes Controls, Improves Popups Customizer

Today I’ve released a small new version of Marketers Delight that greatly improves the control you have over footnotes as well as a small upgrade to custom popups templates.

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New in MD Footnotes: Always Enable Toggle + New Manual Alignment Setting

One of the great “little” features of Marketers Delight is the simple footnotes system built right in. Your footnotes are deeply integrated into MD’s layout, making the way you can use them quite versatile.

MD Footnotes for WordPress

In order to display footnotes MD calculates if there’s enough room to display them in the page gutters. If not, your footnotes will be hidden and only show when a reader clicks on each indicator within your text.

A few of you have reported on the forums that when adding many footnotes to a page, they would stack on top of each other in the gutter of your posts.

This makes for some pretty ugly reading so MD4.6.5 adds two new tools you can use to combat this footnotes stacking.

First of all, you can now control how footnotes display (inline vs. toggle) by enabling the new “Always toggle footnotes.”

By default MD will calculate the display and if you experience stacking or just would prefer not to show inline footnotes, this simple setting will take care of the layout for you.

Footnotes WordPress editor

Another nice tool MD4.6.5 adds is manual control of footnotes alignment.

When showing inline footnotes MD automatically streams them down your posts in a “left/right” pattern. Simply add the [fn] shortcode where you want to show the footnote, and MD remembers where to align it.

But sometimes the alignment of your footnotes can clash with other elements like images or videos you happen to add to the right/left of your text as well.

Now in MD4.6.5 you can manually change the alignment of inline shortcodes with the new align attribute:

[fn id="x" align="right"]

Set the new align attribute it to either right or left to switch positions on your page, otherwise MD will align it for you automatically.

Enable WordPress Auto Formatting in Custom Popups Templates

Custom Popups Templates

Here’s another simple improvement with big implications.

With the Custom Template section in the Popups Editor you can write your own custom HTML to design your popup any way you want.

There are even a few free popup templates you can use to get started.

Before, WordPress’ auto formatting was automatically applied to the Custom Template editor, essentially turning the Custom Template field into a stripped down post editor.

As you may know, WordPress’ auto formatting can sometimes break your HTML. To combat this you now have the option to toggle auto formatting on/off with a simple checkbox control beneath the Custom Template editor.

This option works just like you expect in the Text Widget and once enabled, will apply WordPress’ auto formatting to the template, which also allows you to output shortcodes into your custom templates.

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Ready to update to MD4.6.5?

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Before you update, make sure your site is on the latest version of WordPress. You must have an active license key to get MD updates!

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  1. Have always wanted functionality for footnotes whilst blogging, especially for quick reference or journal studies, etc. But all the solutions out there that I have tried have been too complicated, too buggy, too ugly…

    You’ve managed to take footnotes, made it simple, beautiful, and it “just works”.

    Well done, mate.
    You did it again.
    Above & Beyond.

    • Thanks a lot for the kind words Leo, MD Footnotes is probably my favorite feature out-of-the-box in MD.

      The problem with so many footnotes plugins is that they are separated from the theme and can only make predictions about how they should display. That’s why so many of the solutions out there are heavily reliant on JavaScript and never look that good.

      The best part about integrating footnotes directly into MD is the ability to detect the layout and toggle between inline footnotes that sit in the gutter, or toggle footnotes that open on click.

      Now with these new manual controls, the way you use footnotes just got that much more streamlined. Very exciting stuff if you ask me! #DecisionsNotOptions

  2. I turn on “Always toggle footnotes” and it works on the post page. But when post is displayed on recent posts page (which is my main page) it still display footnotes inline. How can I change it?

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