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You can use the Marketers Delight WordPress Theme on unlimited sites. New features & updates are delivered to sites with your active license key.

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  • 5 sites license
  • 1 year of updates
  • Full access to downloads
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Account Benefits

When you purchase Marketers Delight you aren't just getting good software, you're plugging into an entire community of support and resources.

Get MD downloads and support for 1 year

1 year of updates and support

Every purchase of MD includes one year of support and full download access to the latest version of MD and all Drop-ins. After a year, renew at a 40% discount and help support MD development!

One-click WordPress theme updates

Enable one-click updates upto 5 websites*

Plug in your license key to connect your site to and get new updates, bug fixes, and new features conveniently sent to your site with the one-click updater. * You can add more sites later

Get MD theme updates

New updates + features released all year

Marketers Delight is always getting better and has a proven track record of shipping major new features and maintaining its rich feature set as WordPress evolves.

Access MD downloads at your private account

Access latest downloads from your own account

Manage your account details, download the latest MD + Drop-ins, upgrade various products, and other great features from your beautifully designed account.

WordPress and MD support at Kolakube

Get private forum support at the Kolakube community

Kolakube support is the private, customers-only forum to get direct access to Alex and the MD team. Ask questions, post feature requests, file bug reports, and network with the community.

Pre-sale Questions

What does a license key do?

You are given one (1) license key to reuse across as many sites as your account allows. By activating your valid license key from your WP admin panel, you will enable auto-updates to get the latest version of Marketers Delight seamlessly delivered to your site.

Keep your license key private as it will not activate on any sites past your account limit. Once your license key expires after one (1) year you will need to renew it at 40% of the original price to reenable auto-updates to be sent to your site.

You should strive to keep your site up-to-date as new versions of MD may have important bug fixes and exciting new features to keep your website on the cutting-edge. You can manage your license key, add/remove sites, and renew your license key from your account area.

How do I get support and help with MD?

You are welcome to post any questions you have about building your website and using WordPress to Kolakube Support. While we are happy to answer most questions, some customization and design questions may not be answerable if the request is too large or complicated. Asking questions about built-in features, basic CSS/HTML questions, and plugin recommendations are safe territory.

Each request will be under the moderator's best judgement to answer. But don't get the wrong idea—the MD Forums is the place for the hard questions and a source for many answers and MD secrets. Work 1-on-1 with the developer of MD to solve your questions, and have a direct part in making MD better by reporting bugs and pitching your ideas.

What is Marketers Delight?

Marketers Delight is an entire website design system deeply integrated into WordPress as a Theme. To add MD to your site, all you have to do is download the file and install it as a Theme to your WordPress website.

As a WordPress Theme, Marketers Delight styles and best supports the default features of WordPress to make your publishing experience as seamless as possible. MD also adds Theme Design options to allow you to make changes to fonts, colors, and other design aspects of your blog/website.

Marketers Delight, while a theme, also has plugin-like features built-in. Features like MD Optins, Footnotes, Page Leads, Tracking Scripts, and others, are tailored-made to tightly integrate with your website's layout like 3rd party plugins never can.

The purpose of building MD as an entire design system is to keep the theme full of rich functionality without the bloat that comes from using too many plugins. MD is built on a lean data structure that is always getting better; thanks for getting on the ride.

How do I make customizations to MD?

Marketers Delight adds many useful new features to your WP Admin that makes changing the layout and design of your site only a few clicks away from the post editor. For everything else you can install a child theme (provided in your account area) to place custom code snippets, CSS, and other scripts.

Marketers Delight is very developer friendly by providing easy child theme template overrides, many hooks and filters, template functions, CSS helper classes, and so much more. Learn more about developing with MD, child themes, and other topics at the MD blog.

Still looking for answers? Post your pre-sale questions for a fast answer!