How to create strategic and well-timed popup offers across your website

It’s no secret that showing the wrong popup can deter potential subscribers, but it can’t be understated how effective the right offer can be.

In this guide we will learn how to use MD Popups to easily manage and deploy popup offers with time and user condition settings.

Tip #1: Think globally

For starters, it may be worth creating a main popup that can be set to show Sitewide or to as many pages as possible. Think of it as your “go-to offer”.

From the display settings you can easily deploy popups across your site with many options:

Edit popup locations

Tip #2: Target your offers

Even if you use display settings like All Posts or All Categories, you can edit any individual post or category to show completely custom and modified popup offers.

Just simply edit the post or category page (also works on custom post types and taxonomies) to configure the new popup settings.

If MD Popups detects any popups are loaded to the current post or category, you will be able to remove them and add other popups to this page only.

Tip #3: Finetune your offers

With display rules you can time you popup offers on a per-page basis with exit intent and time/scroll based delay triggers.

You can even hide popups from showing to the user after an X number of days, and target logged in and logged out users with different offers.

Popup rules

Tip #4: Display inline

Forget exit intent and time-based triggers, and forget cookies and everything else! What if you just want to show a text link or a button in your post that opens a popup?

Well, the md_popup shortcode has you covered. By copying this simple shortcode into your content you can create a text link, button, or image that opens the popup of your choice on click.

You can use other features like MD’s Content upgrade and Callout Blocks to show popup offers within posts. Nothing beats a well-timed offer and two-step popups can be some of the best converting offers on your site.

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Tip #5: Popup chains

You will notice the popup settings allow you to add multiple popups to any page. To get really creative you can use the concept of chaining popups to smartly time how the next popup will load.

For example, let’s say you have three popups on the same page:

Popup 1: Shows after 10 seconds

Popup 2: Shows after 65% page scroll

Popup 3: Shows on exit intent

Based on the order the popups are loaded to the page will be the order their display rules will allow them to show.

In other words, Popup 2 will not be moved into the “queue” until Popup 1 has been shown, which in this case is after 10 seconds. As soon as Popup 1 is closed by the user Popup 2 will begin its time.

Now once the user has scrolled down 65% of the page Popup 2 will show. Again, once the user closes this popup the rules for Popup 3 will trigger. In this case, the final popup will be shown when the mouse leaves the browser window (on “exit intent”).

If you’ve followed along this far I’m sure you will have enough of an understanding to experiment with other kinds of popup chains.

Add multiple popup offers per page to create popup chains.

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Hi @Alex , does setting up a popup in a category enable that popup on all posts in that category? I am looking to set different popups for posts in each category.

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MD developer

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Hey @gauravtiwari that is not yet supported but I've added that to my list for a minor release. We already do this for sidebars - show a custom sidebar by category for all posts, so this logic is already supported in MD.

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