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Creating new sites and developing new features on MD5.0 is a dream come true. It seems that every time I push the limits of the new framework I discover it can do something new, something I hadn’t fully accounted for but only had an abstract idea of scaling to while in development. It brings a tear to my eye to think back on the long and grueling hours of developing these ideas to see them effortlessly handle the load being put on them today, and exceeding those expectations.

Attention ConvertKit Users

Just a heads up, Marketers Delight has been released to add support to the new ConverKit 5.0 API. If you have created a new email list in ConvertKit the past month and added it to your site, be sure to update and refresh your email form data. Always test your email forms after adding them to your site!

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  • Adds support for ConvertKit API 5.0

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MD5.0 Development

is going well, these past two weeks I have averaged at least 4+ hours a day on MD5.0 (many days going over 9) and I am extremely relieved to have the most critical things left to do in a nice bulleted list on my whiteboard.

Taking a couple day break around Christmas (you will probably see me here more), and will take that refreshed energy to knock out the rest of those items. Due to how massive a rewrite of MD this has been, I am releasing MD5.0 after a public alpha and beta test stage.

Alpha will be a period where those of you who volunteer to test MD5.0 on blank sites can take it for a spin and find any bugs and send in usability improvements.

The Beta period will be for testing existing sites (you’ll want to use a staging site for this) and running the updater script needed to port data from the old format to the incredibly improved format. I am confident that this updater will go smoothly and move any options around without losing your settings. There will be a few small exceptions, but nothing flicking a few switches won’t fix.

The other big news of MD5.0 is that Page Leads will be formally deprecated and available as a Dropin. Because of what MD5.0 will now make possible with frontend site editing (coming around MD5.2 or 5.3), the Page Leads system will no longer be in the mix and replaced with an alternative far more powerful.

See the MD5.0 development thread for insights into MD Optins, the new Site Design panel, developer tools, and other enhancements coming to MD5.0. As I wrap up the hardcore development groundwork, I will be moving to the sexier “flashy” features that this now makes possible and start back up the newsletter and blog to start hyping this incredible new iteration of Marketers Delight.

Stay tuned. 🙂

Catching up

It always feels great to catch back up on forum thread and email. The development of MD5.0 has been challenging on me but the progress so unbelievably exciting that I am pushing through. Now that I am out of the cave for a bit it’s time to sketch some ideas for the newsletter which will return this Friday! Thank you all for your patience with my responses.

MD5.0 Going all in

Lately my routine has been general work by day, MD5.0 development by night and I am making this quick entry as I wrap up another successful night! MD5.0 is going all in by not only revamping underlying APIs, but also rewriting the typography system to be far more precise and make writing dynamic CSS extremely simple. Thanks to the new rewrite I went ahead and updated some of the default elements of the MD design, including the comments area and pagination to give it a more modern look.

Back to the forums tomorrow, see you soon with another quick update!

Ending another night of MD5.0 development with the realization that so long as I keep building and showing you the vision as it comes to life, we can achieve anything here.

The Beacon is BACK!

A classic feature of MD, the Beacon is a new notifications feature that can be used to broadcast time-sensitive messages with a pulsating orb of light and is now available for all active MD license key holders. Go check it out and see a live demo!

Add Fun Sitewide Notifications With the Beacon

The Beacon is a fun feature that beams a pulsating orb of light in your site's header to alert reader's of any important messages in a gentle, yet alluring way.

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