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On copy

A quote from Jake O’Callaghan from the MD Forums:

Good copy isn’t hard if you know why you’re selling. Great copy… that takes years of practice and study. But only good is required to convert well if the other business elements are intact.

Me: “Let’s check out the new Twenty Twenty one theme”.

*Tries to install from WP > Themes: critical site error!*

*Turns our theme still got installed. Activates to site*

Me: *vomits profusely on desk*


Let’s all agree that Twenty Sixteen is the greatest default theme of all time.

Preview of the MD Admin Bar

Tired of the WordPress Admin Bar slowing down your viewing experience when logged in? This simple Dropin will replace the WP admin bar (for Admins only) with an extremely lightweight version that retains the most important edit and add new actions.

In use on

MD Admin Bar

Here’s the kicker—the links you see after “Edit” and “New” are custom set from the MD Admin Bar settings page:

MD Admin bar link settings

Simple, customizable, and if you like it—there’s more you can do with it. The MD Admin Bar will not be turned on by default of course, so you will be able to enable it from the Features Manager once MD5.2.1 is released.

There are bigger things to come, but I thought I’d show a fun bonus feature coming soon.

Optimizing your sales page to be way more effective after already receiving an influx of traffic really makes you think what could have been. 🤔

Spotting the trolls that just buy a product and instantly hit refund has shown me a few ways I can make the account area more secure and ensure you losers don’t get the great new releases coming next. 😀

Thank you to all of you have taken advantage of the current MD Flash Sale, your support means the world! We don’t do discounts often and you can be sure there is a good reason behind this one. Watch this space!

This is the second time this week I’ve gone into my site’s database to do some “trickery”. The first time was to fix a crazy issue of all the uploaded attachments disappearing at the MD forums (due to an add-on of the forum software) and now again so my eCommerce WP plugin (Easy Digital Downloads) can handle a promotion I am setting up.

Part of the benefit of running a WordPress site is being able to maneuver around the different moving parts. But the software you build upon has to have the options, and tonight I am a bigger believer in MD more than I have ever been. Watch this space!

WordPress plugin override

Very cool – did you know that you can update Plugins by downloading the latest .zip file and re-upload it to the Plugins panel. It’s the same process as when you installed it by going to Plugins > Add New, only difference is WordPress detects the plugin is already installed and gives you the choice to overwrite it or go back. Very nice tool!

Hey! Marketers Delight 5.2.1 is now available! See what’s new →

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WordPress plugin override