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MD blog update

MD blog update

Including posting here on the Stream I am now updating the MD blog more regularly. To help you quickly find the new posts, check out the right hand side of the blog page to see the latest posts by date!

See MD in a Whole New Way

Get the bigger picture of what kind of website you can create with Marketers Delight by exploring the new MD Demo Site:

See MD demo

(P.S. MD4.9.4 is coming out this week. Use the coupon code MDCOM18 on checkout to save 18% on all purchases this week only)

CryptoWP 1.3

If you are interested in cryptocurrency and blog about it on your website, you’ve got to check out CryptoWP! This free plugin is a side project of mine and I just pushed version 1.3 which is a big update. Go check it out on the beautiful CryptoWP blog (powered by MD of course!)

See what’s new in CryptoWP 1.3 →

MD4.9.4 CSS Revamp

Part of the MD4.9.4 update is a revamp to the entire MD CSS system. Now as you enable/disable features, the main style.css file will be regenerated with only the styles needed. This will result in saving your site hundreds of lines of unused CSS which is a huge win!

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Marketers Delight and WooCommerce integration

MD4.9.4 and WooCommerce

The direct integration of WooCommerce coming into MD4.9.4 will be such a great starter framework for many of you designing your own stores. MD snaps all of WooCommerce’s templates into its own design system, meaning you can take advantage of custom sidebars, custom layout + design options, and even some bonus features to make your Store truly ready out of the box.

Read my Twitter thread (and be sure to follow me) for more screenshots, MD4.9.4 release date coming soon.