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MD5.0 Developer Update

After sharing the excitement of the progress made with MD5.0 over the weekend in my last Stream post, today I have decided to write a breakdown of the implications of the new developer tools and file restructuring coming in this monster releases.

While one of the biggest attractions of Marketers Delight 5.0 is the new Optins system, the groundwork below all the visual features you see has been completely rewritten to make expanding WordPress with custom post types, taxonomies, settings pages, and meta boxes easier than ever.

This Thread will focus on the new developer tools in MD5.0 and why they are a big deal. Let’s dive in!

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MD5.0 Weekend Update

This weekend I have made the most important progress on MD5.0 yet, all of which will make Marketers Delight a far more professional and highly efficient product for extending WordPress. Apart from the flashy features being delivered, much of the optimizations made have come from what I learned from building a custom WordPress site from the ground up for a client and solving the woes that prevented me from using MD on such a large project. By the time MD5.0 comes out I believe those doubts will be vanquished, and the power we will all have to create large custom websites that expand WordPress will be here. I cannot wait to finally bring you into the rich world of custom MD development!

New Dropin on Monday

Get excited for Monday because I am releasing to you a new Dropin that will immediately allow you to create new kinds of rich content pages you may only currently see a few top marketing blogs doing. I consider this Dropin as one of those things that is slightly ahead of the curve, but will make sense once you see it. See you Monday morning!

Christmas Colors

From time to time I hear a comment about how the main color scheme they see on the MD site (red and green) reminds them of Christmas. The strange thing to me is they say it like it’s a bad thing—I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re going Christmas shopping for their new WordPress Theme?

I also get “color psychology experts” explaining to me how harmful red is for conversion rates, and then the inevitable suggestion of using blue or green instead. I wonder what the effect of blending in with 99% of other Internet brands will have on my conversion rates?

MD4.9.6 is now available!

Good news everybody! Marketers Delight 4.9.6 is now waiting for you in your WordPress admin panel and its got some new features that will really help your social media strategy out. Check out the changelog below or go read the full announcement post to see the juicy new details!

Marketers Delight 4.9.6 New!

See what's new:
  • NEW: Add share messages through your posts with the new Share Notice block.
  • NEW: Set a custom Thank You page to direct new subscribers to after email signup (available for AWeber and MailerLite only)
  • Fixes bug that shows the Featured Image Header cover out of place

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