See What’s New in Marketers Delight 2.2: Design Options, Better Page Leads & Much More

It must be that time again, there’s a new version of Kolakube’s flagship Thesis skin, Marketers Delight, out again.

I’m usually a pretty modest guy, but I can’t contain myself here:

This is an update for the ages and easily secures Marketers Delight as the most powerful Thesis skin on the market.

This is a (literally) bold statement, but I truly believe that with all that Marketers Delight 2.2 offers, you’re not going to find another skin on the market that can really compare.

Let’s see what’s new. πŸ˜€

1. New Streamlined Page Lead System

If you’re familiar with Marketers Delight and the Page Lead system, then you know a Page Lead essentially acts as a “feature box on steroids.” You’ll find plenty and plenty of tutorials around the web that teach you how to create a feature box… but they all require some fairly tricky code.

And that’s why Page Leads are so powerful. You can create absolutely gorgeous feature boxes without touching any nasty code. And the best part is, you can create content in your Page Lead just like you would in a regular post. So, it’s all very familiar to you.

Marketers Delight 2.2 comes with 6 built-in Page Leads:

And the new way of using Page Leads have gotten easier. Rather than changing the entire Page Template to use a Lead, I’ve come up with something a lot simpler.

You can see how the new Page Lead system works in the demo video below.

2. New Design Options

This has been an option many people have been dying for. In 2.2, you now have the control to:

  • Change the background pattern
  • Change the color of the main menu bar
  • And other, minor settings

I created the design options page with a few options for now, but have big plans for this page in the future. So, stay tuned. πŸ˜€

3. Better Support And Documentation

A huge bright spot in Kolakube is the support forum and documentation sections. That may seem funny to some of you, as when Kolakube originally opened— there wasn’t much of either.

I am used to waiting days or even weeks for answers about other themes I have used. I really appreciate the fast response. I’m so happy to have found this theme and the quick support makes it even better.

The truth is, Marketers Delight is nothing without support or documentation. That’s why we take it so seriously around here, and yes, I say “we” because of a fantastic addition to the Kolakube team.

Sean DavisIf you’ve been around the support forum, you’ve probably seen this big shiny head around. That’s because Sean Davis has been monitoring the support forum with me to help Kolakube customers get their skins the way they want them to look.

He goes out of his way to help out, and really adds a new level of greatness to the support community here on Kolakube. So if he’s helped you recently, be sure to send him a big “thank you” on Twitter!

Having said that, we’ve added a bunch of new tutorials to the docs to help make your Marketers Delight experience a whole lot better:

The two bold articles are probably the most useful. They’ll teach you the right ways to customize Marketers Delight, as well as provide some tutorials for enhancing your Page Leads.

4. Other Improvements

A lot has been changed, added and removed from Marketers Delight 2.2. Here is the full list of changes:

  • Refined Page Lead system
  • Design options panel
  • New widget: affiliate links widget
  • Can now add post footer message after “xth” post on homepage
  • Disable share buttons on individual posts and pages
  • Add custom share codes via Marketers Delight options panel
  • Simplified CSS, making it easier to override default MD styles
  • Replaced old button system with the DIYbutton set
  • Can now use feature box on every page you want
  • “Ribbon Lead” and “Feature Box” merged as alternate color scheme options
  • Contact page template removed
  • Non-English language friendlier
  • Better feature box/Page lead styling
  • Admin options, Page Lead controls simplified with fewer input boxes
  • Fixed search bar “break out” bug

5. Watch the “What’s New” Video!

Now, I’m not a video guy (if you watch, you’ll probably figure that out). But I thought I’d shoot a quick video showing off what’s new in 2.2.

This video shows:

  • New design options panel
  • New post options
  • New feature box options
  • New affiliate widget
  • How the new Page Lead system works
  • Why Alex shouldn’t make videos

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  1. All of the new changes/upgrades sound great. I’ve just downloaded the new files and I’ll try to upload everything tonight. The forum is also great. And adding Sean to the mix was definitely a big move. He’s helped me a couple of times already. Anyway, thanks for another great (free) upgrade.

    • Thanks for the words, Ray! I definitely appreciate Alex bringing me on board. You guys keep me busy and I love it.

  2. Looks nice, I will probably upgrade within some days too. Is there a specific reason that the contact page template was removed?.. I really like(d) the looks of that page!

    • It does looks pretty nice, but I removed it because:

      1. Compared to contact form plugins out there, it was limiting what you could create within a contact form (adding custom fields, etc.)
      2. Too much spam was going through (and this is related to point #1)
  3. Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to upgrade.

    I saw reference to the contact page template being removed. That was a surprise as I thought this was really cool! πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Alex, I finally upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2 after getting back from a weekend trip. I like the new features! I don’t use page leads yet, but I will be in the near future so I figured it’d be good to have them implemented now.

    Just to let you know though, I think 2.2 killed the class=”aligncenter” CSS for the tag.. At least it did on my site. Would you mind looking into it?

  5. Hi Alex

    Could you please point me to some real-life examples of Marketers Delight in action? Wanna see what’s possible before purchase


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