Marketers Delight is Now Responsive (or not)

Continuing on what has been a crazy week around Kolakube, I have something that all you Marketers Delight users are going to love.

Marketers Delight version 2.2.5 is out and it brings a responsive design to the table. Or in other words, MD2.2.5 now looks incredible on any device (phone or tablet).

This is the 6th major update in the 4 months Marketers Delight has been available (talk about getting your money’s worth).

See it For Yourself

Marketers Delight is now responsive
click the image above to see for yourself!

Ever since releasing Aroxis and the responsive skin starter set, more and more people have been requesting that I make Marketers Delight responsive as well.

Because of the amazing amount of detail that went into creating Thesis, it was easy for me to figure out how to create the most flexible responsive skin I could. You can create as many columns as you want, adjust your layout widths, swap your column order, and more without touching any code.

And like my previous work with making responsive Thesis skins, Marketers Delight is no exception to any of that.

But what I think really makes this so great, and it may seem simple to you, is this option right here:

Responsive settings MD2

This is an option I created for those of you who do NOT want their site to be responsive. By nature, responsive design is not the most bulletproof way of serving content to your readers on smaller devices, and some aren’t a fan of it and would prefer other options— like a mobile site.

There was a huge conversation about it here, and you can learn a lot by reading some of the comments in there.

So if you don’t like the idea of responsive design and don’t want all the extra code to load on your site, you can turn it off very easily. I think many of you will appreciate that.

Upgrade Now

If you’re a current Marketers Delight customer and want this update, go ahead and login to your Kolakube account to download the upgrade and follow the instructions provided in the download.

If you don’t have Marketers Delight yet…

There’s Only 2 Days Left Before We Raise Our Prices

If you are planning on buying a skin from us, now’s the time to do it. This Friday, June 1st (2 days), Kolakube is nearly doubling the price of all skins in our gallery from $37 to $67. These next 2 days are your last chance to save on our skins while they’re cheap!

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  1. Wow πŸ™‚

    I am going to download this straight away and upgrade on my blogs having MD.
    Great to have a responsive MD and that too too early than I expected.

    Cheers for your Hard work and the care you show to your customers to provide frequent updates to the skins you make inspite of each skin already being Awesome without even a new update.

    Hats off to You

  2. Alex,

    I feel like one of those Yak-Backs hahaha, but I’ll say it again. Keep up the great work, I’m impressed with your business model; and I’m sure that all the Kolakube users appreciate your dedication as well!

    • Thanks Justin, I’m glad to have appreciative guys like you around the site. Makes doing what I do all the more worth it!

  3. It’s great (in fact, It’s totally AWESOME). I have been waiting for MD2 to be responsive for such a long time.

  4. OK Alex.., you made buy MD2. It was on the wishlist quite a while. Raising the price and making it responsive just pushed me (ever so gently) over the edge.
    Now there is now way back.., I’m irrevocably part of the club (right?).

    All I need to do now is create a new website where I can implement it…

    Cheers dude…

  5. “During the purchase process, enter this coupon to get 5% off:”

    Darn it.., I should have posted the comment before I bought the skin…

  6. Responsive design looks great on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. You did great work on keeping MD2 beautiful and optimized for lead generation while still adding a great accessibility option. Great work as usual.

  7. Hey Alex,
    You are doing awesome. I am thinking of buying a KolaKube skin for my Finance and Investment Blog . Can you suggest the best theme that you have for my blog? I am inspired to purchase a KolaKube theme from QuickSprout.

    Waiting for your reply, and also mention if any scheme is available out there.

    Thanks & Regards

  8. WOW.
    Great updated that I just notice after visit KolaKube forum. Well done and good job. I will setup for my sites.

  9. If ever you decide to release MD3 as a paid upgrade I would definitely buy it just because of how hard you’re working to improve MD2. Thanks for a great theme as always!

  10. Hi there,
    I’m wondering if I can purchase a custom theme like the Marie Forleo website you did. Please feel free to email me directly.

    Thanks so much!

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