Extend Your Website With the New Dropins Library (Free for all MD Customers)

Your website is more powerful than you know, and to mark a new era of Marketers Delight I have released four powerful Dropins (with more coming soon) to the all-new Dropins Library, free to all MD customers.

What are Dropins?

If you’ve been an MD customer for a while you may have heard of the term Dropins before, which are essentially “website mods” you can easily drop into your site to unlock powerful new functionality.

Each Dropin is built to create a specific suite of tools that work right out of the box, and can be fully customized and transformed by a developer or a curious mind who knows how to work within a Child Theme and add custom features.

The nature of Dropins are that they are either too specific to make it directly into the core Marketers Delight theme, and can often be too experimental or incomplete to include as an official MD feature as well.

Many Dropins you will see now and in the future were usually created for a client project or personal experiment, and have been refactored for public release to verified customers only.

As the next phase of rapid MD growth and development begins, I realized how many of these kinds of features could benefit your websites and show you a side of MD you may never have seen before that it finally felt right to release these cool mods.

It’s important to know that all Dropins are released as-is and are only released when they have been designed and tested enough to achieve the intended end results. Since they live in your Child Theme and are open to further development by you, they do not receive official updates like you expect from the MD Theme.

Apart from the instant features Dropins add to your site, they also give you working examples of how you can use the internal MDAPI to extends WordPress with features like custom post types, meta boxes, and other kinds of settings screens.

Get Started With Dropins Today

All official Dropins are available for free download to all MD customers with an active license key. More Dropins will gradually be released by Alex and other developers from around the MD community, so check out the following links to get started with Dropins right now:

Do Dropins Receive Updates?

As stated at the beginning of this guide, Dropins do not receive automatic updates like the Marketers Delight theme does and may rarely, if ever get updated. If they do, the responsibility is on you to read the release note and manually upgrade the Dropin, which is basically repeating the installation process by uploading and overwriting the new the Dropin files over the old files.

Even though Dropins are made for you to fully edit and change the code, you will need to be careful about overwriting the files as you will lose your changes. Dropins are developed to be as stable as possible and will rarely get feature updates, and basic instructions and support will be available to help you if you have questions.

Why Use Dropins?

Dropins are intended to add powerful functionality to your website that may be too experimental or specific to release in the main Marketers Delight theme. All Dropins are released as stable and will be maintained as MD continues to get updates.

Dropins also serve as a powerful example of how you can use the MD API to extend WordPress with your own custom features and admin interfaces, and organize them into your child theme with the same philosophy that goes into building each feature in the Marketers Delight theme.

How Do I Make My Own Dropins?

The best way to start creating your own Dropins is to start with an existing Dropin and reverse engineer it to your own needs. This of course requires coding knowledge, and using the MD blog and existing Dropins as a coding reference can greatly speed up the learning curve and help you create what you want in record time.

Dropins extend the WordPress interface by adding custom post types, taxonomies, meta boxes, and other MD specific fields right from your child theme.

By creating Dropins instead of relying on third party plugins for these kinds of extensions, you can save valuable server resources and plug into MD’s extremely efficient development system and reuse the same scripts MD uses to build your site.

Are Dropins the Future of Marketers Delight?

Dropins are versatile by nature and will unlock many minds to the power of MD’s internal coding system, but because a goal of Marketers Delight is to be as code-free as possible these Dropins will be considered as an extra resource for those who are interested in diving deeper into the world of custom development.

In the future tools like the upcoming MD Builder and data import/export system will render the FTP installation process outdated (but still possible), and powerful features similar to the ones you see in Dropins will be possible in visual interfaces.

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  1. These Dropins are super easy to use (and install). I can’t wait for MD Builder, but in the meantime, Dropins are an excellent stop-gap.

    See you in the forums.

    • You get it Ray, and that’s why I appreciate having you around here. Can’t wait to see how you are using the Testimonials and Stream combination on your new site!

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