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The Premier Content Marketing WordPress Theme For the Modern Web

Marketers Delight is built with your website's winning strategy in mind. Use MD to create valuable content and capture your audience's attention with expert marketing and newsletter features in one easy to use, fast-loading WordPress theme.

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Marketers Delight Email Marketing Tools

Simple Tools to Build a Newsletter and Convert Visitors to Subscribers

Creating valuable content adds life to your website, and capturing your visitor's attention is the force that turns your website into a business.

Use MD's simple email marketing features to add email signup forms throughout your content and explode your newsletter and community's growth.

MD Integrates With:
  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Drip
  • Custom HTML Forms
Create your own social feed on your WordPress website

Publish More Engaging Content with The Stream

The Stream is a unique feature you will only find in Marketers Delight. Bring the same addictive qualities of social media to your website and give your readers (and yourself) a reason to always come back for more.

The Stream is your very own social network you can use to share new and old content from around your site, and capture more engagements with the super fun Like button.

Perfectly integrated into MD's other power features, you can build your Stream into a news hub or even prviate area for your site's top members.

WordPress Customize Design

Live Preview Design and Smart Typography Controls

Your words are the main attraction to your website and should be crafted for maximum impact, not to best fit your theme.

That's why after you choose a font, MD calculates the spacing and layout widths for best readability on all computers and mobile phones.

MD Site Designer:
  • TypeKit + Google Fonts integration
  • Customize colors, spacing, and site layout
  • Preview your changes before you publish to site
Custom WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

Deep Integration with the New Gutenberg Editor

Marketers Delight is one of the first themes to offer a real integration with the new Gutenberg Blocks Editor.

Not only does MD add its own content marketing Blocks, but also syncs your fonts and typography into the new editor to give you a real preview of what your posts will look like before you press "Publish."

MD Gutenberg Blocks:
  • Email Signup Form
  • Content Upgrade
  • Callout Block
  • Bouncing Arrow
Custom WordPress Development

Bring WordPress Custom Design Back to the Basics

The secret to creating a unique design is to go under-the-hood and MD makes writing custom HTML blocks easier to learn with simple helper classes.

From developer tools to plugin integrations, MD helps you speak the true language of your website and go deeper into WordPress than ever before.

MD Custom Design:
  • Child theme friendly
  • Easy post formatting helper classes
  • Supports hooks, filters, and most plugins

See What Other Site Owners Have Made With Marketers Delight

I appreciate all of your creations because they have both Design & Functionality, which is a rare talent.
— Darwish Zahwan, Twitter
AMAZING JOB... You are the Nicola Tesla of WordPress development, Alex. :-)
— Michal Kochis, email

Marketers Delight Adds the Missing Features of WordPress… and So Much More!

Your website should work for you, not against you! That's why all of MD's mission-critical tools are optimized to work together and keep your website lightweight, effective, and fast-loading.

Featured Image Covers

Make Each Post Memorable With Featured Image Covers

Find the perfect image for your post and add to your site with Featured Image controls. Set custom color overlays and hero covers in just a click.

Manage footnotes from WordPress

The Best Built-in WordPress Footnotes Manager

Manage footnotes right from the post editor and display them inline with your text and listed at the end of your article for easy reference.

Make custom sidebars in WordPress

Add and Assign Custom Sidebars With Ease

Quickly curate your content from the Custom Sidebars panel. Use custom rules to dynamically set sidebars across posts, pages, and categories!

Simple share buttons in WordPress

Simple Share Buttons That Don't Slow Down Your Site

Share buttons help boost posts on social media and MD's gorgeous share buttons plug right in to your layout without slowing down your website.

SEO Mobile-Ready

MD's solid responsive design and markup schema all but ensures your site will rank in Google's mobile-friendly search engine.

After Post CTA's

Add custom-designed email forms, popup triggers and buy buttons after any post with the After Post meta box

Tracking Scripts

Forget an extra plugin, MD makes it easy to embed custom scripts to the body and footer of your website and single pages.

Helper Classes

Use MD's smart library of helper classes to create custom responsive elements faster.

Forum Support + Guides

Ask questions and get help building your site with 1-on-1 support at the MD Forums. Follow the blog for new guides and tutorials.

Features Manager

Make each site you use MD on your own by safely disabling major features from the Features Manager.

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You can install the Marketers Delight WordPress Theme to as many sites you need. New features & improvements are delivered to sites with your active license key enabled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a pre-sale question? Post at the MD Forums for a fast reply.

What does a license key do?

You are given one (1) license key to reuse across as many sites as your account allows. By activating your valid license key from your WP admin panel, you will enable auto-updates to get the latest version of Marketers Delight seamlessly delivered to your site.

Keep your license key private as it will not activate on any sites past your account limit. Once your license key expires after one (1) year you will need to renew it at 40% of the original price to reenable auto-updates to be sent to your site.

You should strive to keep your site up-to-date as new versions of MD may have important bug fixes and exciting new features to keep your website on the cutting-edge. You can manage your license key, add/remove sites, and renew your license key from your MD account.

How do I get support and report bugs?

You are welcome to post any questions you have about building your website and using WordPress to the MD Forums. While we are happy to answer most questions, some customization and design questions may not be answerable if the request is too large or complicated. Asking questions about built-in features, basic CSS/HTML questions, and plugin recommendations are safe territory.

Each request will be under the moderator's best judgement to answer. But don't get the wrong idea—the MD Forums is the place for the hard questions and a source for many answers and MD secrets. Work 1-on-1 with the developer of MD to solve your questions, and have a direct part in making MD better by reporting bugs and pitching your ideas.

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What is Marketers Delight?

Marketers Delight is an entire website design system deeply integrated into WordPress as a Theme. To add MD to your site, all you have to do is download the file and install it as a Theme to your WordPress website.

As a WordPress Theme, Marketers Delight styles and best supports the default features of WordPress to make your publishing experience as seamless as possible. MD also adds Theme Design options to allow you to make changes to fonts, colors, and other design aspects of your blog/website.

Marketers Delight, while a theme, also has plugin-like features built-in. Features like MD Optins, Footnotes, Page Leads, Tracking Scripts, and others, are tailored-made to tightly integrate with your website's layout like 3rd party plugins never can.

The purpose of building MD as an entire design system is to keep the theme full of rich functionality without the bloat that comes from using too many plugins. MD is built on a lean data structure that is always getting better; thanks for getting on the ride.

How do I make customizations to MD?

Marketers Delight adds many useful new features to your WP Admin that makes changing the layout and design of your site only a few clicks away from the post editor. For everything else you can install a child theme (provided in your account area) to place custom code snippets, CSS, and other scripts.

Marketers Delight is very developer friendly by providing easy child theme template overrides, many hooks and filters, template functions, CSS helper classes, and so much more. You don't truly unlock the power of Marketers Delight until you get comfortable working with a child theme.

The Next New Version of Marketers Delight is Almost Here…

There's always something new in the works here in the MD Labs. Join the email list to get the newest updates, snippets, and videos sent straight to your e-mail inbox.*


The Next New Version of Marketers Delight is Almost Here…

There's always something new in the works here in the MD Labs. Join the email list to get the newest updates, snippets, and videos sent straight to your e-mail inbox.*


The Next New Version of Marketers Delight is Almost Here…

There's always something new in the works here in the MD Labs. Join the email list to get the newest updates, snippets, and videos sent straight to your e-mail inbox.*