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In today’s web where sidebars become increasingly less common on vertical scrolling devices, we have to find a way to make our older content more visible. A timeless way to put more content in front of your readers is to list a bunch of related posts at the end of each post, and the Related Posts Dropin makes this easy.

Key Features

  • Shows up to 6 related posts by category at the end of each post
  • Change posts count and title from settings file
  • No configuration necessary after Dropin is installed to your site


Show up to 6 related posts at the end of each blog post with the featured image and title.


Read the Dropin Installation Guide for general instructions on how to install any MD Dropin, including the Related Posts Dropin.

Also include this simple CSS somewhere in your style.css file:

 .related-posts a { border-bottom: 0; }
 .related-image {
     background-position: center center;
     background-size: cover;
     display: block;
     height: 120px;

Dropin Notes

  • At the top of the main related-posts.php file you can adjust the title that shows above the posts, and how many posts you want to show.
  • Related posts are determined by checking the existing post’s category and displaying other random posts from the same category in a neat list.
  • Related posts look best and get clicked more when a featured image is attached, so make sure you attach an image to your posts (best practice)
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MD developer

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I much prefer the look and think many others will too—well done! The condensed view gives a way cleaner display and fits more posts.

For now I have attached this thread to the Dropins page so others can find your modification. Definitely expect me to update the related posts dropin with this layout in the near future. :)

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