MD2.2.6 is Live + New Thesis Sites You Need to See

There’s been a lot going on lately behind the scenes here at the ministry of Kolakube (heh).

I wanted to take a little time to talk about some new skin updates (this is a big deal), show you some of the client designs I’ve worked on and other plans for Kolakube.

Basically, there’s a ton of stuff that I want to talk about, and it’s all stuff you’ll just love.

Want to get started? πŸ˜€

Marketers Delight 2.2.6


  • Much more flexible responsive design
  • Better page-width framework support
  • Simplified, more condensed CSS
  • Improved pagination


  • Orb lead/table lead misalignment
  • Better logo/nav vertical alignment
  • Better language support
  • Fixed comment threading

If you’re an existing Marketers Delight customer, you can download the update and instructions in your client area.

Not a current Marketers Delight customer? If you want a Thesis skin that helps you create beautiful optin forms, feature boxes and landing pages— you may want to consider getting your hands on Marketers Delight now.

Have You Seen These New Thesis Sites?

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of working with great people to help redesign their sites, using the one and only Thesis theme.

Have you seen me raving about them on Twitter? If not, check them out!

The Sales Lion

I met Marcus Sherdian at BlogWorld NYC last month during his great presentation. After his presentation, I went up and introduced myself to him, in which he then recognize me from my posts on DIYthemes. One thing led to another, and we ended up redesigning The Sales Lion!

He even wrote a blog post about some of the changes we made, and how you too can use good design to turn your blog into a REAL business.

View The Sales Lion →

The Sales Lion redesign

Make Money on the Internet

Make Money on the Internet is a blog and podcast that needs no intro. It’s run by Chris Guthrie, who I became good friends with after I got interviewed on Quick Sprout.

Chris and I worked together to get a nicely customized version of Marketers Delight 2 that better matched his site’s theme.

View Make Money on the Internet →

Make Money on the Internet

Pitch Anything

I was approached by the team that works with author Oren Klaff (at a rather awkward moment in my life) to redesign their website and help better funnel their content.

Using Marketers Delight 2 and a little bit of elbow grease, the results came out pretty amazing. πŸ˜€

View Pitch Anything →

Pitch Anything

Michael Fishman

This wasn’t a full redesign, as I was tasked to create a better, inspired version of his previous website. I had a lot to work with, and I think things came out very nicely.

View Michael Fishman →

Michael Fishman Consulting

As Seen at BlogWorld…

I thought this was sweet, when I watched my friend Lewis Howes speak at BlogWorld, he incorporated the feature box I designed for him months ago and talked about the results it brought in for him.

It was great seeing my work being appreciated like this to a room full of people. πŸ™‚

Lewis Howes at BlogWorld

Sorry for the crappy quality. I design, I don’t take pictures.

The Perfect Blog Post

Recently, Derek Halpern released the “perfect blog post” formula on Social Triggers. It instantly went viral, and I think is an incredible resource that I had the honor of designing for him.

And as a traditional reaction to Derek Halpern’s content, everyone on the Internet will now become an expert on creating the “perfect blog post” and will now share these ideas as if they were their own.

View the Perfect Blog Post →

What’s Next For Kolakube

What's Next For KolakubeSo that’s just a glimpse at some of the things I’ve been working on. Can you tell I’ve been busy?

While I have plenty of other projects in line for others, I also have some killer stuff I’ve been working on to make Kolakube an even better resource.

Expect to see these things being deployed over the next few months:

  • A gigantic video library full of tutorials for my Thesis skins, and other videos related to design
  • I’m going to start writing more about designing for your business on Kolakube
  • A new skin hopefully coming out late July/early August. It’s a portfolio skin called Spotlight
  • I want to get in the habit of releasing more freebies here

So That’s Me… How About You?

You know, after writing down what I’ve been doing the past few weeks, I feel like I’ve accomplished more than I thought prior to writing this.

This motivates me to only keep going strong and hopefully being able to write more update posts like this to show off the work I’ve been doing.

I want you to get the same kind of feeling that I have right now. In the comments below, tell me some of the things you’ve been working on the past few weeks. I’d love to know what you’ve been upto.

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About Alex

Alex is the 29 years old creator of Marketers Delight.

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  1. Be sure to take some names brother, because you’re kicking some serious ass!

    Love the work, support, and what your doing. Looking forward to much more…

  2. Love your work. Glad your getting the props you deserve

    If I ever get the dough I’m going to have to hit you up to clean up the train wreck I have as a site lol!

  3. Wow. That’s a ton of great stuff. I didn’t realize that you designed Derek’s perfect blog post infographic. That thing is gold.

    Can’t wait for the video tutorials. Keep up the great work!

    I’m off to update MD2 now…

  4. These designs are awesome, love the focus not just on good looking design but on a design which helps the sales funnel e.g. increasing subcribers, sales etc.

  5. The video library of tutorials would be a really great helperβ€”For us in the code-challenged department, Thesis is the ‘beast’ that needs to be tamed!

  6. Alex,

    Can you, for the benefit of your readers, and upcoming designers, share a tutorial on how to build a skin for a theme like thesis? It will be really really helpful.


  7. I’m such a big fan of your work Alex! I wish I can half the things you can do. I have so much to learn. I love the designs you did for each of the sample sites. You just opened up my mind to a lot of things.

    • Thanks!

      We still have more to learn than what we actually know, so best keep working at it right?

      Glad you got some inspiration from this.

  8. Hi Alex

    This is really nice update but my blog loads abit slower, please visit my blog and give me some advices.

    Waiting for more articles and update – how to “increase speed loading blog with Thesis and Marketer Delights”

    Thanks and best regards

    I love your Skin !

  9. Alex,

    You’re taking some serious action, and that’s why you guys are my favorite resource for anything related to Thesis / Thesis design.

    Between yourself and Sean, you guys offer some of the best, if not the very best support around. The relationship you develop with your clients is invaluable, and speaks a lot for what you guys stand for.

    You guys truly are a blessing to this niche of Thesis, and I’m glad I have Kolakube to call my Thesis home!

    Keep you the great work and hustle my friend, and I will be anxiously awaiting future updates!

    All the best,

  10. I just wanted to say thanks for releasing the upgrade for MD3! It looks incredibly awesome, and I can’t wait to work with it. (I’m not currently running it on my own site, but I AM running on Thesis 2.)

  11. Hey Alex,

    I’ve heard Adrienne Smith, Dan Gheesling, Nina Corss and Farnoosh Brock all say how great you are but I didn’t have any idea you were so huge! LOL I apologize for sounding dense lol I just want to congratulate you on all your success! See ya on Twitter πŸ™‚

  12. The designs are literally awesome. I was thinking of buying Thesis from a while now and your skins are forcing me to get one as soon as I can.
    Keep designing mate and keep up the awesome work πŸ™‚

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