All New: Marketers Delight 4.4, MDNET Resources, Site Showcase, Members Area and More

Today I’d like to formally introduce to you the newest experiment from the always busy Kolakube Labs: MDNET. This new website is the official demo and new home for your favorite WordPress theme, Marketers Delight.

Excuse any details that may still be off but after about 2 months of preparing the site (in between some great client projects + MD bug fixes), I feel MDNET is ready enough for you guys to start getting familiar with your new account experience.

Let’s take a look around at what’s new and how MDNET will help you get more out of Marketers Delight.

1. New Members Area

If you were a customer of Kolakube your account with your MD downloads and license keys have moved over to the new and improved MD members area (click the “My Account” link at the top of the site for access anytime).

Marketers Delight Members Area

The new members area is an at-glance overview of your MD downloads, license keys, and upgrades. Simply login with an active license key and you can download the latest version of Marketers Delight right from your private members account.

Just like from the MD Admin Panel, you’ll be reminded how many sites you’ve activated your license keys on your sites as well as the site URLs. If you find that you need to remove a license key from a site you no longer use, you can also add/delete sites from your account as well.

You have far more control over your account than you did back on Kolakube, so enjoy the new perks of being a member of MDNET.

if you’re having any problems with your account, please contact me as soon as possible so we can resolve them.

A note about affiliate links: You should update your affiliate links to point to now. I setup some basic redirects that should cover it for you, but it’s safest to update your links to point to MDNET.

2. MD Site Showcase

Since the launch of MD4 a little over 1 year ago, many customers of new and old have been building some fantastic websites. From service based sites to selling eBooks to simple blogs, MD has been used to build sites in a variety of different niches in languages from all over the world.

Check out the Showcase by clicking the image below:

Marketers Delight Showcase

I didn’t realize just the kind of reach Marketers Delight had so I did a little digging into sales reports and started reaching out to you guys and what I found were some amazing websites that did some amazing things.

As part of the unveiling of MDNET, I’d like to show you over to the new Showcase page full of those amazing sites ordered by author.

These authors used MD alongside other tools so you must give the individual credit for using the features in tandem with the vision for their site. I hope you can get an idea of the power MD gives you over your design by looking at their sites.

Well done to everybody listed, and if you have a site you’d like to feature, leave a comment here or send me an email with your link.

3. MD Features Overview

I’m always experimenting with ways to make my business’ message clearer and one thing I’m happy to roll out is the new MD Features section. This section will give you a clearer look at the top features Marketers Delight adds to your site with live examples and screenshots showing you how to add them to your site.

Click the image below or scroll down to explore each section below:

Marketers Delight Features

MD Features Overview

4. A Simpler Checkout Experience

In addition to the improvements made to your Members Area, I spent a couple of extra days to refine the Checkout experience and make buying from MDNET as easy as possible.

While the old Kolakube Checkout system worked and helped many people buy MD, it was never the best experience and had clutter that added friction to the buying process.

Marketers Delight Checkout

When it comes to buying online the rule of thumb is to only ask for what you need and make your customer do as less work as possible to complete the checkout process and get you paid.

The new Checkout system achieves that and hopefully instills more confidence in you to buy from my company.

Now, the reason I wanted to highlight this new Checkout process to you is because of how excited I am about making it a product that you can use for yourself.

I always test my products for myself before I release them so I encourage you to buy as many MD products as possible to really give this new Checkout process a test. 😉

If you like it, let me know, as that will fuel me to release it as a product for use on your own site sooner rather than later. It’s all in the details when it comes to making it big online.

5. Marketers Delight 4.4 is now Available

Marketers Delight 4.4With the unveiling of MDNET, I’m also happy to release MD4.4. This is a relatively small update and gets your site ready to get all future updates from here, MDNET rather than from Kolakube. All you have to do is update the MD theme + plugin from your dashboard to get on track.

Once you’ve updated to MD4.4 you can officially welcome yourself to MDNET. All of the links to MD tutorial pages from your admin panel will now direct to a page here.

Alongside hooking your site upto MDNET, MD4.4 fixes 2 bugs:

  • Featured Image: There was an annoying bug from MD4.3.5 that forced you to save the Featured Image position twice from your post editor. To save us all our sanity, this has been fixed.
  • Category Page Layout: Another bug hidden in MD4.3.5, this update fixes a bug with the image controls that may cause a break in your category pages layout.

What’s next from MDNET?

First of all, I encourage you to explore the rest of MDNET as I’ve created quite a few new pages dedicated to explaining and showing off the features of Marketers Delight. MDNET is here to serve as the official demo of Marketers Delight and give you an idea of what your site can look like out of the box.

I meant to keep this design as close to the stock version of Marketers Delight so it could not only double as a demo site but also serve as the hub for tutorials, resources, and downloads to help you get even more design power out of your site.

As we all get settled into the new site I’ll be pushing myself to write more tutorials and shooting videos now that we have a site to ourselves. To be honest, publishing MD tutorials on Kolakube always felt off and here I think we’ve stepped into a better realm to work on MD together.

I don’t want to talk much about the next steps because I’d rather just put my time into actually creating rather than just hyping you up with words.

As many ideas as I have for MDNET, I’m very interested in hearing what you’d like to get from this site.

What about MD would you like to know more about? What are some things you’d like to make your site be able to do but are unsure of how? Leave a comment below and tell me what you struggle with in WordPress and I’ll do my best to address it here on MDNET.

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  1. Good stuff man.

    As always, I’m loving your pivot.
    You’re never afraid to iterate which is why your business continues to grow.

    As for what I would like to know more about….

    In a word…Showcase!!!!

    It’s basically what I was trying to do a few months ago when I was trying to setup a portfolio. Any insight/tutorial on how to set that up would be great.

    The screenshots of your new checkout system looks a lot more streamlined so I’d also like to learn more about how you set that up.

    Congrats Alex!

    • Thanks Ray, I’m always figuring things out on my feet. This move could make sense the way I think it will or it could be a mistake, but I’m totally committed to making it work and see too big of an upside. Glad it seems to make sense to you as well!

      The showcase idea is a great tutorial suggestion, I’ve written it down and you can expect a blog tutorial about it very soon. It’s a lot simpler than you might think if you don’t mind using the MD Helper Classes.

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