Page Leads

Page Leads are a powerful system of tools built into Marketers Delight that makes building custom call-to-action areas throughout your website as easy as filling out some text fields.

The Page Leads system was meticulously integrated into the WordPress admin panel so you can build these content areas on any post, page, category, or custom post type + taxonomy in WordPress. Everywhere you go in WordPress, Page Leads follow, giving you superb control over the look and feel of your blog’s pages.

Current list of Page Leads available in Marketers Delight:

Here’s a quick feature rundown of what to expect from every Page Lead.

Feature #1: Set Global Page Leads, Override on Individual pages

In the Appearance > Page Leads panel you can create a default Page Lead that can be used on any page throughout your site. Once you fill out the settings from this screen, you can use the built-in Display options to show that Page Lead sitewide, on your blog homepage, or all posts/pages/categories.

From the post editor, you can choose to add your default Page Lead to any page, as well as the option to override that Page Lead with a custom one built for the needs of any individual page.

Page Leads Admin Panel

Feature #2: Simple Design + Layout Options

Page Leads Design

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Each Page Lead has simple design and layout options that make customizing important elements about your Page Lead a breeze.

The Position option lets you conveniently choose where in your layout to display each Page Lead. As of writing, you can place your Page Leads:

  • Before Header
  • After Header
  • After Post
  • Before Footer
  • After Footer

You can also reorder each Page Lead by setting an order number in tandem with other Page Leads.

For example, if you set an Action Lead and Funnel Lead on the same page and want to ensure the Funnel Lead displays above the Action Lead, you would set a lower number like 10 to the Funnel Lead, and a higher number like 20 to the Action Lead to numerically order them.

NOTE: As the Page Leads system advances, reordering/placing Page Leads will become more intuitive.

Finally, each Page Lead comes with basic design options that allow you to custom pick the background color, background photo, and text color. This makes designing your custom content on the fly easy with beautiful results.

Feature #3: Add powerful button controls in one-click

Marketers Delight 4.3.5 introduced powerful new button controls that makes the buttons your display in Page Leads more powerful than they’ve ever been in MD.

If MD Popups is active on your site you can make any button trigger one of your own custom-designed popups on click.

MD Popups button actions

To make this button control even sweeter, you can output buy buttons from either Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce to sell products through Page Leads and create irresistible call-to-actions that get you more email signups and purchases.

Feature #4: Accessible Through All of WordPress

Using simple filters in a Child Theme, you can make Page Leads work on any page added through a plugin or your own custom code. But by default, Page Leads are accessible right from your post/page editor, as well as category editor.

…and best of all

Every Page Lead is different and offers you very different controls over the kinds of content you can create with them. This features overview was meant to show you common threads between each Page Lead. I encourage you to explore each Page Lead individually to see what kinds of different content you can create with them.

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