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Marketers Delight 4.9.3 NOW AVAILABLE!

I am very excited to say that MD4.9.3 is now waiting for you in your WordPress dashboard! If you have an active license key enables on your site, all you have to do is go to WP Admin > Themes and press that beautiful update link to get the latest MD sent straight to your site.

I have been updating my own websites as well as clients and I am so happy about how smooth the updates went. Go ahead and update now and enjoy pushing the envelope with 3 new Gutenberg Blocks and other enhancements made in Marketers Delight 4.9.3!

New Gutenberg Blocks in MD4.9.3

In between some big life changes and new opportunities arising, I’ve finally put the finishing touches on the THREE new Gutenberg Blocks being released in MD4.9.3! There are many other enhancements in that release (such as the Font Icons API) but the focus of that release will be on those 3 new blocks.

I won’t say what the Blocks are but the theme is “Content Marketing Blocks” and will prove to be very useful to many of you. I’ve attached a sneak peak of a screenshot used in the launch post to give you a small taste, and expect to see Marketers Delight 4.9.3 in your dashboards as soon as tomorrow!

Catching up with the times

After rolling out the redesign of the MD blog I have since turned my attention to updating old content. Finally having years worth of articles organized into very specific categories has given the blog a whole new life and now needs the cleaning it deserves.

Part of how I am breaking down the time I spend updating as many as 100+ older posts is to first add a new set of standardized featured images.

Today I spent about 20 minutes using a Photoshop template to add entirely new featured images to the first page of the MD Features blog category. Scrolling through and finding posts is now much more enjoyable, and extremely straightforward.

Some takeaways from today’s work:

  • Rather than creating different images for each post, make a standardized graphic that can quickly be modified to each post.
  • If I update at least one category page per day with a new featured image (10 posts in 20 minutes), I can be done in 9 days.
  • There is loads of content still relevant today that I wrote about MD years ago, and plenty of information I see that needs to be updated!

Slowly releasing the new blog

I have been redesigning the MD blog for the past few weeks now, and just released the beta version on the MD Blog!

To get to this point, I have condensed the 100+ posts on the blog into distinct categories and built a new template to present them in a way that’s a joy to navigate.

Even though there is still more formatting work to do, I finally reached the point in this project where what’s I’ve being built is better than what exists, so it was time to make go LIVE!

From here I will continue to update the formatting and images on older posts, but you will be pleased to find content that you may never have seen before thanks to the new blog structure. Go check it out!

The MD Summer Initiative

Over the next couple of weeks I will announce what I am calling The MD Summer Initiative. This is a high-stakes project that will not only require me to transform my personal life but will result in MD’s capabilities rocketing to the next level. More on this project and its implications for you coming soon.

Redesigning Kolakube (plus a quick tutorial)

I have been wanting to bring my main site Kolakube back to life for months and tonight I took an hour to clean the site up! I will be writing about more advanced development topics and blog about anything else I’d want to talk about online.

While cleaning up my old child theme, I found something in my child theme that is no longer needed now that MD has the exact same feature built-in now. This tends to happen often thanks to MD’s fast release cycle.

Using the MD Integrations panel, I will show you how I added my Google Analytics tracking code to my site.

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Font Icons Library

The Font icons library has been updated with the latest icons coming in MD4.9.3. Use this reference guide to quickly copy the associated HTML icon code throughout your site. Works in menus, posts, widgets, and anywhere else you can paste HTML in WordPress.

Why does MD have these built-in? Font icons, an important design element, take time to load in your device and browser, so MD includes a versatile but lightweight icon set to add this important design element to your website at little expense to page load.

The cool part about the Font Icons Library page is that it uses the new md_icons() function introduced in the impending MD4.9.3 release to generate the icons on that page automatically. In other words, I no longer have to edit that page each time icons are added or changed; MD does it for me.

Besides making MD fast performing, beautiful, and high converting, the overarching theme of all that MD does is to make it easier to create and maintain content. Something as simple as this self-updating icons library adds peace of mind to my life; how does MD do the same in yours?

Less code than ever

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that the amount of code it takes to design custom sites on MD has been going down considerably—and these aren’t one page sites. This is in part to my refined philosophy of building child themes and the continuous improvements made to MD’s core.

Are you interested in learning more about custom design with WordPress? Like this post to give me a rough idea of your interest. The difference between making thousands of dollars vs. hundreds on freelance projects is your ability to create custom functionality and design, and MD has been built to help you get those results faster. See for yourself.