De-register custom image upload sizes

Marketers Delight registers its own custom image sizes to help better format images in specific layout areas using the native add_image_size WordPress function. Each time you upload an image, WordPress creates a separate cropped version of each image and saves it to your uploads folder. Not every version of these images may be used in[...]

Marketers Delight 5.5.3 New!

See what's new:
  • New: Uses new and improved color picker library, makes it easier for you to choose color on MD settings pages
  • Minor header and menu CSS cleanup, better organization of color controls in MD > Settings > Colors
  • Fixes warning message that may appear on Theme update screen during

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Easy one-click upgrades

Don’t forget to periodically check for updates in the MD dashboard, as we are on a faster development cycle of smaller updates. The MD Dashboard makes it as easy as one-click to update MD and any drop-ins as we release them. Save time, and have fun with new improvements to your websites!

Tip: Always update the MD theme (see below) before updating any drop-ins.

Upgrade Marketers Delight for WordPress

Marketers Delight 5.5.2 New!

See what's new:
  • New: Adds an "Excludes" field to Accordion widget settings to exclude categories from accordion lists
  • Featured Image Extra meta box now always shows color picker and text color fields. These options are still only applicable to any Header cover setting
  • Removes link rel="profile" href="" from head in templates/html.php (source)

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Related Posts 1.1.2 New!

See what's new:
  • Optimizes related posts spacing + typography to fit better on desktop and mobile screens
  • Applies better styling between "Default and "Minimal" design mode
  • Adds proper Drop-in description header to main drop-in file

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