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I just released a small MD maintenance release, nothing urgent unless you are trying to fix some minor bugs as reported in the forums lately. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to report any issues or feedback they see in MD, it’s smaller releases like this that add up over time!

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  • Adds spacing to top of blog teasers on mobile
  • Adds textdomain path to style.css
  • Fixes searchform translation string

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The revamped MD Popups Designer

MD Popups

The Popups Designer in MD4.9.5 is going to take your marketing game to the next level! The new Popups Designer comes with 6 extremely versatile custom templates right out of the box as well as powerful custom template options to make creating any kind of popup easier than ever. Extremely excited to release this soon!

MD blog update

MD blog update

Including posting here on the Stream I am now updating the MD blog more regularly. To help you quickly find the new posts, check out the right hand side of the blog page to see the latest posts by date!