The Importance of Securing Your Brand and Why I Spent $1,800 on

Welcome to the all new Marketers Delight website! After over 4 years MDNET has been retired and is now the official home of your favorite WordPress theme.

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While going from .net to .com seems like a small change on the surface, it actually solves one of the biggest branding problems that has plagued MD over the years and secures our name moving forward in the industry.

These days it’s hard to find a good domain, let alone a .com, and there’s a reason why we always look for .com first: it’s the most serious and timeless extension of them all.

It has become so hard to find .com domain names that a countless number of alternative extensions have popped up, but none offer the same credibility and memorability that the elusive .com does.

Not only is it harder to remember alternative extensions, it’s also harder to take those names seriously as you rarely see any longterm or successful sites using .io, .co, .blog, etc. and generally they don’t last very long anyway.

Back when I registered the domain for Marketers Delight years ago, I was extremely disappointed that somebody got to before I did. For the first few years of MD I sold it through my parent company Kolakube and didn’t think to secure the name myself, even though I was the one who coined the name.

Let that be a lesson: from your real name to your business name, ALWAYS secure the domain name online if you can. A domain only costs about $10 a year at a registrar like Namecheap.

I paid the price big time for it as an ambitious domain squatter saw the potential in the name and scooped it right up, leaving me to settle for MDNET for years to come.

To make matters worse, they wanted about $1,200 for rights to the domain name, and at the beginning of MD’s solo career I was just not in a position to put that kind of money out.

While MDNET always bothered me, it never stopped me from building Marketers Delight into the serious product that is today, and will continue to become in the future.

The only reservation in my mind was that as Marketers Delight grew in success over the years, so would the price of the domain alongside my distaste for using MDNET as the face of the brand.

After checking in years later my fears were confirmed: the asking price for had more than doubled and the price sat at a whopping $2,500!

When it comes to nuisances like domain squatters and software pirates, you have to see these kinds of things as flattery.

While I would have much preferred to see the price drop for the sake of my purchase, seeing the price drop or stay the same would have shaken my confidence about how strong the MD brand has grown over the years and probably would have made me question my purchase even more than the higher price tag did.

I’m mostly kidding here as I’ve known since day one that Marketers Delight is a superstar in the WordPress space (even if it’s not fully known yet) but the point remained:

I have got to get that price down!

One very important thing you should know about Marketers Delight is that it is a one man software company that does not receive any funding or have much notoriety in the WordPress space.

MD is built from my mind and into your dashboard, and completely supported by your purchases and the jobs you’ve hired me for over the years.

That’s why $2,500 is such a significant number and why I spent weeks negotiating a better price for the domain name, even though I knew deep down I’d pay the full price if needed.

What can I say? That’s just how damn crazy I am about my product.

Even though I think is worth a million dollars (heh) I needed to convince the squatter it was worth less than their asking price, and after a few back and forth offers $1,800 was the final number we settled for.

Maybe I could have waited it out longer and saved a few hundred more dollars, but I was quietly growing more impatient by this and I was in a position thanks to some life changes where I could take the financial hit, so I went ahead and bought for the final price of $1,800.

…and by the next day the entire MD website, email addresses, and redirects were set up and MDNET has found its sweet home in retirement.

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Celebrate the new with a discount on new purchases and license renewals. Expires June 3rd, 2019.

Lessons Learned From Spending $1,800 on a Domain Name

I happened to be on a road trip to see some family throughout this process and when I shared the news of my big purchase I got some pretty blank stares.

“You spent two grand on… what?!”

I understand why a purchase of this kind wouldn’t sound exciting to most people and maybe even crazy, but when it comes to claiming your space in this ever crowded online world, moves like this are important if you can make them happen.

Nothing scared me more than making MD a mainstream success and getting price gouged worse than I did, or for somebody else to scoop up and do something bigger or better with the obviously excellent name.

The fact that I was willing to spend this kind of money without regret or even much fear (outside of getting ripped off) reminded me (not that I needed one) of how confident I am in Marketers Delight and how far I’m willing to go to succeed.

After all, I recently uprooted my life once again to cut my lifestyle and create a space that allows me to focus on MD not just strategically, but financially; a place I never would have been able to go just a few months ago.

For you, I hope you feel further reaffirmed to see a product you have invested into and rely on your business getting better and making the moves needed to survive and thrive well into the future.

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To help recoup costs and celebrate this great acquisition, I am offering you a rare 18% discount on all purchases this week, including first time purchases of the Marketers Delight theme and all license key renewals for existing customers.

(That’s 1% for every $100 spent on the domain… good thing they didn’t sell for much lower!)

Without your support would never have been worth purchasing and I thank you all for allowing Marketers Delight to be a vital part of your online success.

Not an MD customer yet? Here’s a few reasons why you should get your business running on Marketers Delight today:

  • MD helps you take control of WordPress. Forget a million Plugins and overly complex or simplistic Themes, Marketers Delight is an entire system built with power features that allow you to do more with less.
  • You’ll see a return on your investment in a short time. If you take online business seriously and use MD’s tools to grow your email list and sell products and services, you will quickly see your initial investment back from all of the time and headache you saved setting up your website.
  • MD is always getting better. When you buy MD today, you’re buying the next year of MD too and all of the updates and new features that come along with it. Just see the changelog to see MD’s expansive past, and check out the Stream for a preview of the exciting MD4.9.4 coming soon!

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Special Offer: Save 18% on all MD Purchases With Coupon Code MDCOM18 on Checkout

Celebrate the new with a discount on new purchases and license renewals. Expires June 17th, 2019.

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