[Video] MD4.7.4 Cleans up Admin Widgets With New Sidebars Pagination

Today’s new release cleans up the Widgets screen for power users of MD Sidebars by splitting potentially hundreds of custom sidebars into pages with the new sidebars pagination feature.

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Take Back Your Widgets Admin Screen With Custom Sidebars Pagination

MD Custom Sidebar Widgets Pagination

One of my personal favorite and popular features in Marketers Delight is the ability to create custom sidebars from the Widgets admin panel. From there, assigning custom sidebars to posts, pages, and categories is a single click from the post editor.

The simplicity of this feature has boosted many MD user’s productivity, and some users have even pushed MD Sidebars to the limit by creating dozens, if not hundreds of custom sidebars!

Now there are a couple of problems with creating so many custom sidebars.

First, your Widgets screen quickly becomes a giant mess that is hard to organize and look through.

Second, simply loading the Widgets screen with hundreds of custom sidebars may become impossible due to the sheer amount of content on the page.

Widgets are a power-packed feature on their own, and adding hundreds of them to the page can be a performance disaster.

Obviously the problem was big, and MD now has a simple solution that frees your Widgets panel from the burden of loading hundreds of custom sidebars.

Scroll Through Your Custom Sidebars With New Pagination Links

As of MD4.7.4, instead of loading all of your custom sidebars at once, MD now detects if you’ve created many sidebars and breaks them down to only show 40 custom sidebars per page.

WordPress Custom Sidebars Pagination

You can easily scroll through your custom sidebars by simply clicking on the page you wish to move to. Each page link will refresh your Widgets panel and quickly bring you to the next page of sidebars widgets.

This feature is automatic and doesn’t require any extra effort on your end. Just create your custom sidebars like normal and let MD do the rest.

If you’d like to change how many custom sidebars show per page on the Widgets screen, use this handy new filter in your MD child theme’s functions.php to change the number:

 * Change how many custom sidebars to show
 * per page on Widgets screen. Default: 40

function md_child_theme_sidebars_pagination() {
	return 40;

add_filter( 'md_filter_sidebars_paginate_show', 'md_child_theme_sidebars_pagination' );

MD4.7.4 Reaffirms MD’s Commitment to Simple, Unobtrusive Features

A guiding principle I do my best to follow while building Marketers Delight is to stay out of your way.

Instead of branding your admin panel with over-designed features and clogging it up with upsells, MD delivers simple features with big results.

Most of MD’s features look like they come bundled with WordPress, and the new pagination feature is no exception.

This guiding principle ensures that all of MD’s powerful controls are easy to integrate into your workflow and that you never get distracted or annoyed with a cluttered admin panel full of ads.

WordPress gives you the power to own your website, and Marketers Delight does not impede on that even stronger guiding principle.

You can now update to MD4.7.4 from your dashboard.

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