MD4.7.3 Adds WhatsApp Sharing, Further Improved Schema Markup

Today, MD4.7.3 adds the WhatsApp share button and further improves on the schema markup added in MD4.7.2 last week.

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The MD Labs are back to full speed and continuously pumping out new improvements while the larger Marketers Delight 4.8 (members only) is in the works.

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WhatsApp Share Feature

Today’s update adds the highly-requested WhatsApp share feature to MD Pro Share, which adds a simple button to allow your readers to share your content over the popular text messaging app.

Further Improved Schema Markup

Search engine optimization has been a huge focus for MD over the weeks. With the release of MD4.7, which has greatly improved the speed and performance of sites, to MD4.7.2, which overhauled the schema markup structure—today’s MD4.7.3 further refines the new schema structure in MD.

This update in particular cleans up a few loose ends, with the main difference being that MD now reports your site navigation menu links to the SERPs.

Google Schema validator

Update Now to Stay on the Cutting-Edge of Marketers Delight

Marketers Delight is rapidly evolving, and the new MD4.8 will be a huge stepping stone for future development and tools. If you’re a member of the MD Forums, you can see a sneak peak of MD4.8 here.

As always, you can update your site with the easy one-click updater system by logging into WP Admin and going to the Themes panel.

Let me know how this update goes and what you’d like to see in the next new version of Marketers Delight!

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