Marketers Delight 4.6.1 Cleans up Small Bugs Around Your Site

We have a pretty straightforward update today in MD4.6.1, which cleans up some tiny bugs in different areas around your site and adds a new hook. A big thanks to our forum members for reporting bugs they find, which makes MD better for everyone.

Read to update to MD4.6.1?

Go to Appearance in your WordPress admin to update to MD4.6.1.
Before updating, make sure your site uses the latest version of WordPress. You must have an active license key running to get MD updates!

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Want to see a really cool update? Check out the new Share buttons added in MD4.6 →

The bugs fixed in MD4.6.1 are minor and are as follows:

  • Main menu unexpectedly move below your Header cover? MD4.6.1 moves it back into place.
  • Centered the background photo position in header/headline covers
  • Fixes spacing issues with Featured Image + headline covers
  • Fixes potential error message when disabling features from the Features Manager
  • New hook: md_hook_byline_top (added to content/byline.php)

That’s all we have today folks! Stay tuned for MD in February, I have some great new Dropins and code snippets lined up for release this month I know you’ll enjoy.

– Alex

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