See it to believe it: MD4.5.4 Adds Page Builder Template, Better Live Preview, Color Options + More

Marketers Delight 4.5.4

Back in December I attended WordCamp U.S. in Philadelphia to surround myself with the top minds in all of WordPress.

It’s safe to say I wasn’t the smartest person in the room (how’s that saying go?), so MD4.5.4 reflects a lot of what I learned from the event. This update also brings integrations with page builder plugins, design options, and a slew of other bug fixes.

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Go to Appearance in your WordPress admin to update to MD4.5.4.
Before updating, make sure your site uses the latest version of WordPress (4.7). You must have an active license key running to get MD updates!

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A blank canvas for the ambitious web designer

Integrate Your Favorite Page Builders into MD With the New Builder Template

Everyone has a different style of creating content. Some write in the WordPress post editor, blending helper classes in along the way. But for many, the post editor isn’t good enough to make advanced landing pages—that’s where page builders step in.

Page Builder Template

The new Builder Template is a simple page template you can apply to any Post or Page. Once active, the Builder Template rips the content box out of your page, leaving only a blank canvas for new page builder content.

Instead of clashing with plugins, which only makes things harder, the Builder Template connects your site to a greater pool of plugins from around the WordPress ecosystem.

It’s clear in-between all the angst and excitement that page builders add a much needed element to WordPress. After seeing a few page builders on display at WordCamp U.S., I became convinced of this.

I should also mention the Builder Template doesn’t stop at page builders. In fact, with just a simple hook, developers can build their own custom page layouts right into their child theme.

Watch the quick video below to see how to use the Builder Template to make room for Beaver Builder, and how you can hook in to any page template with a few coding tricks.

As Fast as the Eye Can See

Design Your Site with Custom Backgrounds, Logo Image, and Live Widget Editing

All of what I’m about to show you below isn’t so much a reflection of Marketers Delight, but of the great focus from the WordPress team over the years.

The common theme of what you’ll see below is all about making WordPress more accessible and easier to use. From live content editing to language translation, MD4.5.4 integrates standard WordPress features more deeply into your site.

See the benefits:

#1 Set a Custom Site Background Color + Photo

MD4.5.4 adds official support for a custom site background color + image, which means you no longer need to use custom CSS to makes these simple design tweaks (unless you want to).

To get right to it, head over to Appearance > Customize > Colors (or) Background Image. From there you can pick a color and find/upload a photo from your Media library in just a few clicks.

The real magic happens once you make a selection. In the blink of an eye your site will update live for you to preview the final result before hitting “Publish.”

Even more live preview options will be added into future MD updates in a clean, organized way. On the flip side, you never know what will show up in Drop-ins library next.

#2 Official Support For WordPress Custom Logos

While not exactly a new feature, MD4.5.4 adds support for the official WordPress Custom Logo. Now of course you’ve always been able to use custom logos, and all this really does is change how your site stores your logo.

By making this switch your logo will now stay on your site after you move from an older theme to MD. This small tweak can save you a step during site setup and links your logo to other cool WordPress features.

#3 Live Preview Widgets

Back at WordCamp U.S. a friend told me about these new “pencil” icons WordPress 4.7 adds to the Customizer. I didn’t know what he was talking about until later when I saw them on stage during the State of the Word.

In MD4.5.4 you’ll now notice these blue pencil icons around your site preview. Clicking any pencil will jump you to the edit panel where you can fill out the new settings for the element.

This is another small feature that makes editing your site faster. You’ll also notice each Widget, both in the sidebar and footer, have pencil icons beside them as well.

From now on as you edit Widgets you’ll see them update instantly in the site preview, no refresh required!

#4 An Updated Language .POT File

Translate MD with a WordPress POT File

I met people from all over the world at WordCamp U.S. and saw how serious language translation is in the WordPress community.

As more non-English speakers build their sites on MD it’s more important than ever to support languages that require special formatting and that all text strings are easily translatable.

After all, WordPress is used on more non-English sites 1 1. In 2014, non-English WordPress downloads surpassed English downloads. In 2017, that number can only be getting higher. × than not, so translation becomes more important as Marketers Delight continues growing.

MD4.5.4 takes the first steps by supplying a .POT file for translators to use with their favorite tool for translating text strings. Work will continue on this front, including an eventual RTL stylesheet and a translations repository here on

Thanks to all of those who work to make WordPress more translatable and for bringing more awareness to the issue. MD will be following suit!

Finally, the glue that holds it all together

Other Bug Fixes + Improvements in MD4.5.4

In addition to the cool new features above, MD4.5.4 comes with a slew of bug fixes and other improvements you can see below:

  • Adjusted the header menu to show until browser window width is below 900px
  • Fixed a bug in the post editor that prevented the Tracking Scripts from saving
  • Fixed a bug in the Customizer that may prevent the Featured Image Position from saving
  • Adjusted the Video Lead embed code so you can use shortcodes to output videos
  • Fixed a missing script on the Emails Forms connection screen.
  • Updated the MD icon set with a star (<i class="md-icon-star"></i>) and new Google+ logo
  • Updated the way you use the md_post_type_meta and md_taxonomy_meta filter. See here →.
  • Adjusted the footer z-index so floating elements like the floating post nav + MD Pro Share will hide behind the footer once scrolled to the bottom of the page.
  • Internal file reorganization, MDAPI + Customizer API improvements
  • Upgraded the MD Updater + License system to meet beta standards for the new EDDSL3.5
  • Added a full implementation of the Meta Box API into the MDAPI
  • Template files updated:
    • header.php
    • /content/logo.php
    • /content/loop-teasers.php

I hope you love what you see in MD4.5.4 and are ready for 2017—it’s going to be a huge year for Marketers Delight!

Loving MD4.5.4? Go update now!

Go to Appearance in your WordPress admin to update to MD4.5.4.
Before updating, make sure your site uses the latest version of WordPress (4.7). You must have an active license key running to get MD updates!

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Oh, there’s just one more thing…

MD4.5.4 Gets Your Site Ready for MD Pro Share

MD Pro Share

Add floating and inline icons to your site with ease.

Last week I gave you a sneak peak of the upcoming MD Pro Share feature and you guys loved it! Thanks to MD4.5.4 your site will be ready for this feature once released later this week.

When I started building MD Pro Share I planned to release it as a Drop-in that could be added with your child theme. Now, you’ll be getting it in the next MD update at no extra charge.

You know how dreadful of an experience most share plugins are anyway, so keeping this feature native to MD is important. MD Pro Share aims to solve your share problem with ultra-fast share icons ready for instant use on your site.

With direct integration into the MD layout your share buttons will adjust to any type of page you create. For even tighter integration, share icons can open custom email popups—a feature you won’t find in other share plugins!

MD Pro Share will only get better with each new version of MD. Here’s what to expect for starters:

  • Place Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest share icons
  • Add beautiful inline and floating icon sets
  • Choose which post types/pages to show Share Icons on
  • Bonus: Add RSS icon and choose your own email popup button
  • Add your own custom buttons through your child theme

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  1. Although the update is great, I would really to commend the explanation of the update both in this article, the email and video. As a content professional, I can only say: Kudos and keep it up!

    The communication of your product by a solopreneur (yourself) is what in the end convinced me to pick MD for my own use.

    Q: Is the background option a sign of future options to change the color of the navigation and other elements without CSS as well?

    • Thanks a lot Ivan, I truly appreciate that. The best way I can show off MD’s potential is by using it for what it was made for: writing beautiful content.

      Eventually if I write about it enough, people with an eye for detail such as yourself will pick up on it. I’m glad you’ve been able to put MD to such good use on your site, this is my first time seeing it.

      To answer your question: yes, these basic design options were just the start and I have a whole list of design options to add throughout the year (amongst many other things).

  2. The template-file byline.php is also updated. If you have this file in your child theme, then you should give this file an update, otherwise your website will break.

    Thanks for the sweet update Alex and as mentioned by Ivan, your communication is awesome. I will play with some options from this update. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Maikel, thanks for the kind words and am eager to hear how you like the new options.

      All in all, this update did far more behind-the-scenes than it did to introduce new stuff. But if it weren’t for these kinds of updates we wouldn’t be able to add new toys like MD Pro Share in so smoothly. πŸ˜€

      By any chance, do you remember anything about the byline errors? I’m not sure I see a cause for errors on my end, so maybe it had to do with a customization you made?

      I just like to get the bottom of these kinds of things… rogue error messages don’t sit well with me.

      • I’m not sure, i just copy pasted my customizations in the new file and didn’t really check anything else. I was updating my live website, so i needed to fix it quickly.

        I have a testwebsite to check the error for you. (yes i know, i need to update that website before my live website πŸ™‚ )

        Here it is:

        Fatal error: Call to undefined function md_real_comment_count() in /home/xxxxxx/ on line 16
        • Wow, thanks for digging that up! I’ve patched the fix and it will be included in MD4.5.4 from here on out.

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