New in MD4.3: Page Leads Design Options, the New Action Lead, Email Form Shortcode and More

If you’re a current Marketers Delight customer, this update is available to you right from your Dashboard. Update both the Marketers Delight theme and plugin to get it.

Hot out of the Kolakube Labs, today I’m proud to unveil to you Marketers Delight 4.3. I’m delivering this update to you exactly one week later than I wanted, but couldn’t be happier with how things turns out.

This new version of Marketers Delight matches the newest version of WordPress, version 4.3, which was released yesterday. This new release of MD ensures full compatibility with the latest WordPress version.

But there are 3 things I’m most excited for in Marketers Delight 4.3 that I want to go over with you in this post:

  1. Page Leads Design Options
  2. The new Action Lead
  3. The [md_email] shortcode

1. Page Leads Design Options

I wanted to release this update exactly 1 week ago, but it turns out creating a solid system to handle design options was tougher than I thought. But it was worth the wait because the new control you have over the design of your Page Leads is powerful (and will only get better over time).

After you update, you can edit any Page Lead to start customizing it. Keep in mind you can customize Page Leads in your post/page editor, category pages, and the Page Leads panel.

In this release, you may now change the background color, background image, and text color of any Page Lead with the convenient Design Options box in your editors.

Page Leads Design Options

(please excuse the poor GIF quality)

It’s fun experimenting with the perfect colors, and every Page Lead comes designed out of the box, so you don’t have to worry about changing anything if you don’t want to! The Design Options seamlessly fit into your preexisting Page Leads, so no extra work is needed for you to get them working.

2. The New Action Page Lead

In MD4.3, the Action Lead got a big upgrade that will make it a lot more useful for you. While the Action Lead in the previous version of MD was solid, I felt like it could achieve so much more in a simpler way.

In the new Action Lead, creating a simple call-to-action that displays a headline, description text, and button is easy. You can adjust the Action Lead to show your text on the left and a button on the right, or vertically center the text and button to create a larger, beautiful call-to-action box.

Watch the video above to see how it works.

There are many possibilities you can achieve with the new Action Page Lead. How will you use yours?

3. Place Email Forms throughout your posts with the new Email Shortcode

This was a feature many of you have asked for and I’m glad to finally release it to you.

The control Marketers Delight gives you over your email forms is astonishing. You can place an email form just about anywhere with the Email Page Lead, After Post Display Settings, and even the Email Signup Form Widget…

…but never throughout your posts. At least not without pasting a giant mess of a code.

With the new Email Form shortcode, placing an email form anywhere in your post editor is as easy as typing this small code:


Out of the box, this shortcode will display the Default Email Form you setup in your Tools > Email Forms settings page. But you can customize the text to make the form unique to your page by using any of these attributes:

[md_email title="My Custom Title" desc="Some description text" bg_color="#ae2525" bg_image="" attached="1" text_color="white" classes="text-center"]
  • title=”” — Set the title attribute to adjust the headline that shows at the beginning of your form.
  • desc=”” — Use this to describe more about your newsletter here.
  • bg_color=”” — Set a background color using a color code.
  • bg_image=”” Set a background image to any URL.
  • attached=”” — If set to 1, the email fields and submit button will attach to each other. If set to 0, each field will show on its own line.
  • text_color=”” — Set to white for white text, set to dark for dark text. You can write your own CSS class for this as well if you want a custom text color. Any value you enter here will be prefixed as a CSS class like text-{text_color}.
  • classes=”” — Add any custom classes to the email form for more customization.

Any value left blank will fallback to what you set in your Default Email Form. Your landing pages just got a whole lot better, didn’t they?

A Big Thank You for the Success of Marketers Delight

I wanted to take some time to thank you for choosing and supporting Marketers Delight. Thanks to your support and purchases, I’m able to work fulltime developing this platform and it almost brings tears to my eyes seeing how far it has come from even just a few months ago.

The decision to rebuild Marketers Delight into a standalone WordPress platform was a huge risk for me and something I essentially collapsed my life for.

I’ve always been supremely confident in the product as a whole, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had days where I doubted the whole project. Especially when it came to this release.

…but last week on Kolakube had the biggest sales rush since I release MD and you guys spent nearly $1,000 on Marketers Delight! For a single week around here, that’s very high and I wanted to thank you for putting your trust in my product.

Updates like this are my way of saying thank you for sticking around while I continue to build the product I’m obsessed with. Every sale you send my way is further validation that the ideas I’ve instilled into MD are ones that are actually working to improve your business.

To give you some examples of how other people are using Marketers Delight to power their businesses, here are 10 of my favorite MD sites so far:

  1. Raylosophy
  2. Landmark Church
  3. GutsyGeek
  4. Gabe Johansson
  5. Samuel J. Woods
  6. Jake O’Callaghan
  7. Bootstrap
  8. PAFG – Punavuori Adult Foundational Gymnastics
  9. Phát Triển Cá Nhân VN
  10. Frank Bruining
  11. …and another great site I just found: Marketing in Underwear

Wow, that’s a lot of sites! I also tweet out MD sites I like + sneak peaks on my Twitter account.

What’s Next?

I’m looking forward to bringing the MD community closer together while I continue pumping out updates to Marketers Delight. The Page Leads + Design Options systems have taken so much of my mental energy that I just didn’t have enough to continue writing tutorials at a rate I’d like.

There’s so much to Marketers Delight that you probably don’t know about and I’ve done you a huge disservice by not having more documentation and a better support system for you to go through when you get stuck.

That’s about to change. I’ve been working on bringing the Kolakube Support Forums back, where you can register for an account and get help using MD. On top of that, I have some great tutorials in line that will show you some great things about MD you may not know that will improve the way you write sales pages and customize your design.

Marketers Delight is going to be huge one day and we’ll get there through these incremental gains. I’m excited to have you along for the ride.

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  1. Looks great Alex, I am working on an affiliate blog ( and I will be experimenting with all the options available!



  2. “Marketers Delight is going to be huge one day and we’ll get there through these incremental gains.”

    Damn right!!

    I can’t thank you enough for working on my site and getting it ready for my launch, and thanks for the shout.

    …and you’re bringing the Kolakube forum back!
    Keep it coming Alex

    • I can’t thank you enough for all the support over the years man! It’s the least I could do.

      Yessir, the forums are almost here. 🙂 It was a huge mistake shutting them down.

  3. Hi Alex,

    Yeehaa, what a delight these new updates! I really like growing together with you. Like Ray said, this is going to be huge. Planning to have more sites on MD power!

    Keep up the good work and you stories 🙂


    • Can’t wait to see those new sites! In the kind of businesses we’re in, it’s great to have a network you can grow with. Glad to have you around Frank. 🙂

      P.S. just upgraded your forum account too. Welcome!

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