Get to Know Marketers Delight: 5 Features That Will Change the Way You Blog (for the better)

When most people hear Marketers Delight they think about things like “high conversion rates” and “increases in traffic”.

While Marketers Delight has helped people improve these things, the core focus of MD is to create stunning outcomes with your WordPress blog a simple experience.

Included are useful elements like email signup forms, pricing tables, and layout controls that help you create more focused posts and pages.

If you’re trying to grow an email list alongside your blog or use your blog to sell your products and services, I built Marketers Delight for you.

But see, it’s not just about the flashy things you can make with MD—it’s all about the details. Let me show you around.

#1 Simple Typography and Proper Spacing Gives Your Words Room to Breathe

WordPress theme typography

I had to start with this point because these are the details I spent the most time perfecting while building MD and are the foundation of every feature on an MD-built blog.

At the end of the day, text rules the web and is the primary way your audience engages with your blog. Why would you want the posts you spend so much time writing to have a sloppy presentation?

Too often is text sloppily presented and even worse — what may be a great desktop reading experience turns into an ugly experience on mobile.

Your text shouldn’t touch the edges of a phone screen and your posts headline shouldn’t take up the whole screen.

In today’s web, these kinds of oversights are unacceptable and are exactly why I set out to build a theme that does the work for you.

#2 Captivate Your Readers at First Glance by Picking the Right Headline Covers

See an example inThe Devolution of the Entrepreneur

You know what goes great with text? A carefully picked, powerful image to resonate with it.

One of the most popular, yet underrated features of Marketers Delight is the powerful Featured Image controls available to you right from your post editor.

Featured Image WordPress

Chances are, when you set a Featured Image in your current theme, you’re limited to only showing it in one way (if I had to bet, it’d be aligned to the right or left, directly after your headline.

With Marketers Delight, moving your image around your post, or even cooler — using your image as a cover image behind your headline can be done in just a click.

Finding the perfect way to display your image is easy.

Perhaps the best part of all is the Header Cover setting which extracts the headline of your post and positions it underneath your header with your Featured Image as a background photo.

They say you only have a few seconds to impress visitors. With a powerfully written headline and a stunning photo cover, you’re sure to impress anyone visiting your site at first glance.

Cathryn Lavery accomplished that in her post on having more productive mornings.

#3 Highlight Your Most Useful Blog Posts & Guides With Content Spotlight

Admittedly, I got this idea from my friend Thomas Frank’s excellently designed blog, College Info Geek (side note: he built his blog on the Volatyl framework)

If you take a look at his sidebar (how are you using yours?) he lists his most popular posts in a simple and effective way:

  1. He displays the post image
  2. and adds the title of the post below it

With the Content Spotlight Widget in Marketers Delight, listing your own content in a similar way to Thomas is extremely easy.

In the Widgets panel in your Dashboard, find the Content Spotlight Widget and drag it into your sidebar… or footer column, find an image and come up with a post title and you’re all done!

You can showcase as many blog posts (or guides… or anything) as you want in any Widget area available to you in your WordPress installation.

Seth Ellsworth, The Marketing Labs do a great job at utilizing these Widgets in their sidebars as well.

You can even check out the sidebar here on Kolakube to get an idea of what these beautiful little Widgets can look like.

#4 Use the Funnel Page Lead to Direct Readers to Your Favorite Posts

Funnel Lead in WordPress

Page Leads are a new feature in Marketers Delight that will transform your blog from just a blog into one that helps you sell your products, services, and promote your content.

With the Funnel Lead, you can display upto 3 columns with a small headline, description text, and button and position it in the most important areas of your blog:

  1. Before/after your header
  2. After your post
  3. Before/after your footer

Check out how I use the Funnel Lead on my WordPress Articles category page.

Rather than just listing my latest posts I added 3 of most popular posts from the category and highlighted them at the top of the page with the Funnel Lead.

This way I can direct my readers to my best posts and then list my other posts. But this isn’t the only way you can enhance your pages with Page Leads.

In a comment, Ray Smith came up with another clever way to use the Funnel Lead:

It would probably work well for anyone that wants to direct readers to some of their other categories. Adding a Funnel Lead to the bottom of your category page and using the three boxes to direct readers to three other category pages might be a good use of Page Leads as well.

(Very meta, yet very effective).

Frank Bruining found a simple way to use Page Leads for his business coaching services (for extra credit: can you spot the Content Spotlight widget in his blog’s sidebar?).

How will you use Page Leads to strengthen your bottom line?

#5 Create Distraction-Free Posts and Pages With Simple Layout Controls

Marketers Delight Layout Options

Marketers Delight takes Page Templates one step further. Add and remove only what’s needed on your page with just a few clicks.

Not all pages are created equally.

Some pages hold more information than others while others may not even be long enough for a scrollbar to show up.

Some pages, like what’s called a landing page, have higher “conversion rates” than standard blog posts because they display considerably less content than a “regular” page on your blog.

(Your “regular” blog pages being ones that have your logo, sidebar, footer, etc. alongside your content)

But wait! There’s also squeeze pages which remove everything but your content for MAXIMUM CONVERSION RATES!

Ok… all of those different kinds of templates got exhausting to explain over and over again, so this is how it’s done in Marketers Delight:

If you do not want the header on your page, you can click a checkbox in your post editor and it will no longer show on your page.

The same goes for your logo, nav menu, footer, sidebar (you could even add a custom sidebar for that page only) and other elements of your page.

The Landmark Church website did a great job building different layouts around the different needs of their pages and used the Layout options in MD to make their job easier.

Simple decisions, big outcomes.

What’s Marketers Delight to You?

I built Marketers Delight to take care of the details of blogging that you shouldn’t have to think about.

I built Marketers Delight to serve as the solid foundation to your online empire. And it’s always getting better.

Most importantly, I built Marketers Delight to help you make a living by sharing your ideas and products to the world.

It’s a hell of a time we live in and the reach we have around the world is incredible. Your blog is your own beacon shooting across the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What is yours saying?

Start Building Websites That Delight

You can use the Marketers Delight WordPress Theme on unlimited sites. New features & updates are delivered to sites with your active license key.

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About Alex

Alex is the 29 years old creator of Marketers Delight.

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  1. Get to Know Marketers Delight: The 6th Features That Will Change the Way You Blog (for the better)….

    You’re able to use more than one PageLead (at a time) on a page or post.

    The more I play around with PageLeads – the more I love it!

  2. MD is amazing! As someone not great at wordpress I love how easy and great looking you can have opt-in boxes be.

    For amazing pictures for your cover headers you can great images from that are commercial royalty free.

    • Perfect! That’s exactly why I’m building this stuff. Just plug what you want in and go.

      Great work you’ve with your site, especially the logo! Looks great on your latest post. Really good tips there too, reminded me to take Magnesium ha.

  3. Hello Alex,

    I see that you’ve turned MD into a standalone product. I really like the new MD layout and would love to give it a try. However, my main concern is how long will this theme be supported? The reason I asked is because the older themes and skins you’ve developed in the past were no longer supported or updated (correct me if I’m wrong). This is something that holds me back from using it on my site. Just wanted to make sure if I decide to give this a go, I don’t have to worry about the ongoing updates. Hope you get what I mean.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Gasey,

      Great question and valid point — MD doesn’t have a great track record of getting consistent updates, and that was one of the biggest problems I set out to solve in this transition.

      I spent so much time turning MD into a standalone product because I needed to build something that was not just solid, but sustainable to continue updating in a system that made sense to me.

      When MD relied on Thesis, the biggest problem I had was keeping up with their updates and it was hard having another product dictate what I could/couldn’t do.

      The complete overhaul from Thesis 1 to 2 made me realize that I didn’t have the control over MD I needed to continue making it a success so I spent the past 2 years building what’s here today. MD3 for Thesis 2 just wasn’t up to par.

      Now that MD is standalone, I see a very real plan for it and finally have the control I felt like I needed to turn my ideas into something big. People always told me the ideas in MD outgrew Thesis and it should be it’s own thing, now it is!

      The reason I have hope for the product is that the idea of Marketers Delight has survived after all these years, it was just the way it’s been built that always made it tough to continue.

      I have a ton of ideas in store for updates, addon products, even child theme designs that I’ve been waiting to build since I set out to do this. Plus, with a smarter updates model (you get updates for 1 year with a license renewal fee), this makes MD more sustainable business-wise as well.

      Hope that answers your question, excited to see what you do with MD!

      • Thanks for answering back. That makes total sense.

        Yes, I can the potential of MD esp. the clean design and how easy you make it to customize each post (I assume the theme’s code isn’t bloated right?).

        I’ll keep an eye on this theme. Will definitely let you know once I decide to go with it.

        Thanks Alex!

        • With as many options as you see in the post editor, the theme (especially when it comes to the templates) is surprisingly clean.

          MD has a very lightweight stylesheet (with a bunch of helper classes I’ll be writing about soon) and a simple template system if you wanted to make advanced customizations. I’m always working on making this stuff easier, and I have an update coming out in a day or 2 to enhance the new Page Leads system as well.

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