New in MD: Free Main Menu Addon, Customizing Your Site With a Child Theme and Other Updates

It’s been busy in the Kolakube Labs lately! I’m glad to step out and show you the latest and greatest addition to the Marketers Delight family…

The MD Main Menu Addon

You can see the Main Menu in action at the very top of this page! This addon is perfect if your website has a lot of guides and content on it and you want to link to them in a globally accessible way throughout your website.

You’ll notice that no matter which device you’re viewing the page on (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) that the menu will adapt and present your links in a way that’s optimized for any device.

I think the menu is particularly fun on mobile, as it turns into a tabbed content switcher and opens up the content you want to view with a tap of the finger. Go ahead and try it out.

Features include

  • Unlimited dropdown menu items
  • Social media icons
  • Search bar
  • Set custom menu on any post or page
  • More features can be added in via hooks

Learn more in the setup guide →

Download (it’s Free).

* the Main Menu addon requires the latest version of Marketers Delight. Be sure to update through your Dashboard before installing this addon

Tip: Customize Your Site With a Child Theme

If you’re like most Marketers Delight customers, you’ll want to make changes to the way your site looks. For example, you may want to change the color of the links or the background color of your site. Things like these are easily done by writing CSS.

Since you have access to the entire source code that makes up Marketers Delight, you can literally change anything. The only problem is that if you directly change any of the files that make up MD, you’ll lose those changes each time a new version is released and you update it.

To avoid this, you’ll want to place all of your custom code into a Child Theme. A Child Theme is a custom theme you install to your site that builds off of Marketers Delight and allows you to make changes without losing them when you update.

I’ll be talking more about Child Themes in the upcoming Build With MD Series and will show you some cool things you can do to your site as well as show you how coding isn’t that scary. 😀

As I get that series going, you can head over to your Account to download the example MD Child Theme. Once you have it, go ahead and install and activate it.

Your site won’t look any different once it’s activated, but now you can add your own Custom CSS and functions to the child theme via FTP (I added some examples inside the child theme to give you direction).

Again, I’ll be writing more about how to use Child Themes, so if you’re a little confused about them then leave a comment on this post to let me know what I can help you with.

Other New Features & Improvements

Alongside the MD Main Menu Addon comes a few other updates in the MD Theme 4.1.3 and MD Plugin 1.0.2 updates.

Add button to header menu

In MD4.1.3, you can now turn any menu item in the header menu into a button! This is great for highlighting an important item, such as a “store” link or another important link.

Learn how to make a menu item a button

Add CSS Classes to Action Box

A little known feature of the MD Plugin is the Action Box. It’s a cool little box you can add to the end of any post or page with a purpose of getting your reader to take an action after reading.

This is done by giving you the ability to write a headline, some text, and display a clickable button. Be convincing with your copy! You can see an example of an Action Box at the end of this post.

With the MD Plugin 1.0.2 update, you can now add CSS classes to further style it. For example, if you wanted to give the Action Box a dark background, just enter the box-dark class into the field.

You may use other classes built into MD here as well as your own custom classes you write to your child theme’s style.css file.

After Post Action Box

To enable an Action Box, edit any post or page and find the “After Post” meta box. From there, select “Action Box” then fill in your content!

Mobile Layout Improvements

In MD4.1.3, the header menu is now centered on mobile view and other minor spacing tweaks were made.

Are You Using Marketers Delight? I’d Love to See it!

Little by little, MD is becoming a more powerful website platform for WordPress. The Main Menu addon is the first in line of many other addons I plan to build for MD and I can’t wait to see how you use them.

I love seeing how people are using MD on their site, so if you’re rocking it on yours, please share with me and the rest of the Kolakube community by leaving a comment below.

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