A Sneak Peak into Page Leads: Create Striking Pricing Tables, Email Signup Forms and More

UPDATE: Page Leads are now available in Marketers Delight. Check ’em out! Already use MD? Update your site or download from your account.

Table Page Lead

The Table Page Lead comes with 2 different designs and allows you to add buy buttons to your products if using Easy Digital Downloads

By late 2013 I had committed myself to building my very own theme framework for WordPress. I wanted to take my most successful product, Marketers Delight, and turn it into a standalone tool that would make building a blog easier.

During this time I had no idea just how much responsibility I was putting on myself by chasing this idea. See, I had worked with frameworks before but I never actually built one. I certainly didn’t know how much they really do either.

While a little misguided by my misunderstanding of what a theme framework truly was and having let too many of other people’s voices in my head, I experimented with all kinds of different ideas and built near complete products with full intentions of releasing them.

…but those experiments never saw the light of day.

Everything I built had seemed solid in theory, but never truly worked when it was right in front of my face.

Either that, or once I solved one major problem I’d soon realize that I had only built a single piece to a more complex puzzle.

Entering the Theme Space

Throughout 2014 I had built and released 2 premium WordPress themes and a small suite of plugins in Chronicl and Spotlight. While I stuck to my standard of never releasing something that wasn’t ready, I saw these 2 projects as a test run for something much greater.

With Chronicl, I was able to familiarize myself with WordPress’ theme and template system while also building in design options.

My key takeaway from Spotlight was building a theme that integrated with plugins to extend the capabilities of what you could achieve with a theme, but also build a system that would remain intact even if you switched themes.

Chronicl + Spotlight for WordPress

Then in the summer of 2014 I took everything I had learned and did what I planned to prior to building Chronicl and Spotlight:

I had built and released Marketers Delight + Page Leads, a theme and plugin suite that made creating a professional blog and unique sales pages easy.

…but it wasn’t soon after that I realized the architecture I had in place just wasn’t going to cut it if I was going to create a sustainable product that my customers would love to use and trust for their business in the long term.

I went straight back to the drawing board and some while later in the spring of 2015 I re-released Marketers Delight, but with no Page Leads.

I had more to learn than I thought before I could introduce a system like Page Leads into WordPress.

With this new version of MD, I had come full circle by releasing a dressed up “framework” that could do some cool things, but those things never really saw the light of day.

Marketers Delight does not give off the appearance of a traditional theme framework as I’ve promoted it as a solution for blogging and collecting email lists (which it excels at).

At last, I can finally show you the real power of what MD can achieve for you and your business.

Re-introducing: Page Leads!

Finally, after years of teaching myself and theorizing (not to mention working for some great clients and life) I’ve brought the feature so many of you have loved from the Marketers Delight 2 Thesis Skin days into a full-fledged blog builder for WordPress.

When it comes to building an online business, things can get… technical

It’s no secret that WordPress is, by far, the best solution for anybody looking to build a serious online business through their blog.

It’s also no secret that WordPress has one of the worst reputations when it comes to installing and using it.

How do I know? Nearly every client of mine has told me.

When I opened up my Blog Setup Service Plans, I set out to solve this problem by setting up a basic blog for my clients.

…but it didn’t take me very long to realize that people wanted more than just a blog and a few email forms (which, again, Marketers Delight excels at).

They wanted a full system — eCommerce capabilities, pricing tables, more control of their layout and countless other things WordPress doesn’t handle out of the box.

What they didn’t was a solution that promised them they could build anything they wanted in the form of another page builder.

Simply put, they wanted something that worked out of the box to help them get results. No setup, no options, just a place to put their content.

With Marketers Delight + Page Leads, creating unique blog posts and landing pages is as easy as writing a post in WordPress

Create beautiful email signup forms and custom call to action boxes.

It’s a bold claim, but one I put years into ensuring I could backup. As I continue building this platform into something greater, my claim will only get stronger and your pages will only look and perform better.

I’m not promising you MD + Page Leads will explode your blogging career or make you a better writer.

I’m not promising you “higher conversion rates”, “more sales” or even selling you a “lead magnet”.

In fact, you may purchase this suite for $79 and never see a return on your investment if you don’t put the work into building a blog that’s worth reading.

The only thing I can promise you is that Marketers Delight + Page Leads provide a solid foundation for a blog that loads quick, looks great, is easily readable and can be accessed on phones and computers.

I can promise you that adding email forms and other beautifully designed call-to-actions throughout your blog will be easy to add and maintain through your post editor.

But these tools do not promise you traffic. They do not promise you revenue or even an audience, even though Marketers Delight has helped others get these things.

The personality, ideas and message you broadcast to the world using these tools are what will get you anything you want from your blog.

Page Leads will be ready Monday, July 27. Here’s what you need to do right now

If you’re already a Marketers Delight customer, Page Leads will be added to your account this Monday.

…if you’re not yet a Marketers Delight customer, MD + Page Leads will be available to you at the same one-time cost of $79 (with a small, optional annual license renewal fee).

Once Page Leads are ready, all you have to do is install the plugin and you will be ready to start creating beautiful posts, pages, and categories in WordPress.

Before you can use Page Leads, you’ll need to upgrade BOTH the Marketers Delight Theme and Plugin to the latest version through your Appearance & Plugins dashboard in WordPress.

This update to Marketers Delight fixes a ton of little bugs I found from working with clients to setup their blog as well as prepares your site to properly handle the new Page Leads system.

Just make sure you’ve already activated your license keys and the update will be waiting for you in your dashboard.

How will you use Page Leads?

I can’t wait to see how you use Page Leads to build your own blog posts and landing pages with Marketers Delight + WordPress. If you have any questions about MD + Page Leads, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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  1. Good sh** Alex! I’m definitely going to use Funnel leads on my Category pages.

    It would probably work well for anyone that wants to direct readers to some of their other categories. Adding a funnel lead to the bottom of your category page and using the three boxes to direct readers to three other category pages might be a good use of page leads as well.

    …or maybe not, but I’ll have a lot of fun tinkering with the different possibilities with Page Leads.

    • I can’t wait to show off your site. And I think that’s an excellent use of the Funnel Lead. It’s just like related posts… but for categories.

      It would be cool to see a Funnel Lead (even the Table Lead would work well) used on something like membership courses or even in a portfolio:

      • portfolio – featured work, featured clients
      • membership courses – member of the month, related courses

      You could even do something like “3 steps to take now” or tweak it a little and use for testimonials (hmm, testimonial lead sounds cool). Plenty of ideas worth trying out.

      • Yeah the site is gonna be sick – I can’t wait to show it off to my clients. I even have a few co-workers asking about it.

        Funny thing is, I was wondering how I would set up a portfolio page on MD…now I know.

  2. Looks great Alex! I was already trying to make a membership layout but this rocks!

    Can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey Alex,
    Awesome return of the Page Leads. I’m using them for my own blog too.

    Still, I wonder (1) How to add an after post for every post automatically, and (2) how to bulk change the feature image instead of doing it over and over for each blog post, as I find the transition from blog + sidebar -> blog + no sidebar extremely time-consuming with the featured image.

    Thanks man. Awesome theme as always!

    • Glad to hear from you & very cool way of using Page Leads! To answer your questions:

      1) + 2) These global settings are something I’m working on as I know it can get tedious choosing these options all over. For now, just keep doing what you’re doing, and I’ll let you know when these are made available (they’re a priority alongside design options).

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