Rewiring the stream dates and embed system

The Stream steals the show again in the latest version of Marketers Delight 5.2! One of the many important improvements coming to the Stream is an update to the Date and Embed systems in Stream posts.

Using Dates in WordPress has always been inconsistent and thanks to the great work done in WordPress 5.3, we now have a far more reliable to way to grab an accurate date.

I’m going to use this stream post to test a few things and see how our post embeds look in a Thread…

How to Create Glossary Pages in WordPress for Definitions, Phrases, and Niche Terms

Create content-rich definitions and keywords pages with the Glossary Dropin.

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This is the first item in my thread and it has a custom post type “dropin” embedded:

Add and Manage a Testimonials Page From Your WordPress Dashboard

Registers a Testimonials custom post type for easy entry and creates a single page with all of your testimonials content.

This thread item is a simple status with image overlay.

Look, I just attached my new blog post to the thread!

I just found out the author’s sometimes get mixed up somewhere…

Watch as this Stream thread unfolds, you will see the published date of each thread item down to the second!

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