Did you know MD comes with some powerful shortcodes? Here’s the complete guide on how to create custom email forms, popup triggers, footnotes, and other useful shortcodes.

MD Shortcodes Guide

Refer to this doc for every shortcode available in the MD theme and every official Dropin. Pass in parameters to customize output and easily place powerful content all over your site. Developer tip You can render any shortcodes in templates with the do_shortcode() function. <?php echo do_shortcode( ‘[md email title=”Test”]’ ); ?> 1. [md_email] Display […]
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The Messenger

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Did you know there are some powerful shortcodes built-in to MD?

You can now follow this new guide to see what shortcodes are available on your site and exactly how to customize all of their parameters.

Shortcodes can be timely when you need them but for sitewide content organization purposes MD tries not to include too many in the theme. You will see shortcodes when they serve a very valuable use case to any given feature, such as the md_popup shortcode which I use all of the time!

More guides coming soon to show MD widgets, blocks, and other features.

Read the full guide

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