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What is a Schema Publisher Logo?

While adding Markup Schema to Marketers Delight 4.4.2 I ran into some confusion on how to implement a Publisher Logo into the content to prevent validation errors with Google’s Structured Data Tool.

Due to the HTML structure of Marketers Delight, each article is wrapped in an <article> tag, which specifies each one of them as its own individual self-contained piece of content on the page. 1 1. tag definition from W3 Schools. ×

Because each article acts as a separate entity from the rest of the page, and to avoid validation errors, we need to feed it meta data that it wouldn’t pull from the page it’s listed on. One important piece of data is the Publisher Logo.

Google added Publisher Logos to Markup Schema for compatibility with the new AMP program, which helps deliver faster web pages on mobile. The logo you set as your Publisher Logo will be pulled for use on AMP pages and will tell Google your preferred logo for use in search results. 2 2. From the Google Webmaster Blog, ×

Adding a Schema Publisher Logo to Marketers Delight

There are various Publisher properties associated with Schema, and Marketers Delight 4.4.2 adds the properties you need to validate into every post for you. However, if you don’t have a publisher logo uploaded, you will get a validation error.

Schema Publisher Logo

Because of the AMP logo requirements, your current site’s logo may not fit the requirements for the recommended Publisher Logo. That’s why MD4.4.2 added the new Site Tools panel with the Schema Logo Upload field so you can upload a modified version of your site’s logo for use by Google.

Ensuring your site is running at least MD4.4.2, go to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Marketers Delight > Site Tools and upload your logo to the Schema Logo Upload section.

Publisher Logo Marketers Delight

Click for full size view

Schema Logo Requirements

Here are the AMP logo requirements as stated by Google:


  • Files should be raster, such as .jpg, .png, or .gif, not vector, such as .svg.
  • No animation.
  • Use full wordmark or full logo; not an icon.
  • Be legible on a white or light background.

Size Requirements

  • Fits in a 60x600px rectangle
  • Be exactly 60px high (preferred), or exactly 600px wide. For example, 450x45px would not be acceptable, even though it fits in the 600x60px rectangle
  • If maintaining a height of 60px leads to an image wider than 600px, then downscale to exactly 600px width and reduce the height accordingly below 60px to maintain the original aspect ratio
  • Word-based logos should be maximum 48px tall and centered vertically against the 60px image height.
  • Logos with a solid background should include 6px minimum padding around the wordmark.

See AMP Logo Guidelines on Google (with illustrations) →


  1. tag definition from W3 Schools.
  2. From the Google Webmaster Blog,

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