Marketers Delight 5.1.1 Stability Update (Now Available)

Part of what gives different software a competitive edge is the amount of updates and maintenance it receives, and MD5.1.1 delivers that edge with today’s stability update.

Today’s update is not meant to “WOW” you with another new feature, we have been doing that over the past couple of months already, but to increase the overall reliability of those many features and to improve your site’s design system with a strong logical foundation.

Over the past months we have been working with you to upgrade your site(s) to the new MD5.0 line and we have found much success in not only upgrading sites from MD4.9.x, but how much better results users are reporting with new optin tools and their overall site performance.

As with any growing software that is able to live in different server hosting environments (we don’t host MD for you, you do), bugs and inconsistencies are bound to show up, and MD5.1.1 addresses many bug reports in the forums and from our own use (we never sell anything we don’t use ourselves).

With our extreme conviction in the underlying framework the MD5.x series is built on, we are more confident than ever in our ability to gracefully add major new features and also improve the existing ones running on your site with less of a chance of issues updating than ever.

Internally, we have been taking better measures to weed out any bugs that may come from an update before sending them out to your site, and MD5.1.1 is the most reliable and tested version yet.

Ready to see what’s new? MD5.1.1 is now available in your account and waiting for you in your WordPress Themes panel. See the highlights below and read the changelog for an itemized view of every change in MD5.1.1:

See What’s New in
Marketers Delight 5.1.1

Marketers Delight 5.1.1 is an important stability update that adds a new level of reliability to admin settings and also enhances various actions to make customizing your site more professional.

  • NEW: New Tertiary and Action colors available in the Brand Colors settings.
  • NEW: Blocks Editor CSS updated for latest version of Gutenberg, more customization flexibility with helper classes
  • NEW: Re-adds basic Schema support for various layout parts
  • Massive template and files reorganization, makes it easier to study MD core. Core dropins also moved to lib
  • Various admin UI and style improvements
  • …and much more! Read full changelog.

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Take a Features Tour of What’s New in Marketers Delight 5.1.1

Let’s take a look at the highlights of MD5.1.1 and how you can use these new enhancements today!

1. New Tertiary and Action Colors Introduced in to Brand Colors Site Design Panel

When it comes to creating a new site design one of the first fun details you want to figure out is the color scheme. The not so fun part, traditionally, has been implementing those colors into various parts of your site design but with MD’s Site Design panel this is all done for you.

Now when you navigate to MD > Site Design you will see new color options available under Brand Colors:

MD Site Design brand colors palette

At first glance these are simple settings but are more far-reaching than first meets the eye. The list of main colors you can set across your site are:

  • Background color
  • Primary color
  • Secondary color
  • Tertiary color
  • Action color
  • Accent color

If you have ever worked with a designer you will usually see the site’s palette broken down into similarly labeled colors, and now in MD5.1.1 you can complete your color palette with the new Tertiary and Action colors.

Thanks to MD’s robust dynamic design system, all colors you see here will be implemented into your design without any extra effort. That means little details like the colors of text separators and current nav menu item are all controlled by this panel with no extra effort to you.

Keep in mind you also have a fully featured Colors panel that allows you to also set buttons, links, text, and other layout elements:

MD Site design colors palette

As a bonus, and to help keep your design consistent over time, the Blocks Editor also inherits your design palette and allows you to easily reuse these colors in your custom post elements:

Gutenberg block editor colors

Even if you decide to update the Brand Colors in MD > Site Design after a few months in a site redesign, any Block that uses these color designations will always update to match the current color scheme.

Now that we are on the subject of the Blocks Editor, let’s jump into the formatting improvements also included in MD5.1.1.

2. New Styles For the Latest Version of Blocks Editor (Gutenberg), More Complete Design Integration, and Access to More Helper Classes

The Blocks Editor is a major WordPress project and is always changing. In version 5.4 of WordPress, much of the markup of the editor was rewritten forcing us to update the editor styles we’ve implemented in Marketers Delight to ensure the fonts, spacing, and widths are the same in the editor as they are on your published site.

At last, the MD Block Editor styles have been updated and are better written to survive the major onslaught of changes the Blocks Editor continuously gets, and we even used the opportunity to include many more useful MD helper classes into the editor styles as well.

For example, one common tweak you may want to make in your posts is to increase spacing between certain elements.

By default MD adds 1 unit of space (MD > Site Design > Typography > Body Line Height) between each paragraph, and if you wanted more you could apply the mb-double helper class to “Advanced” setting under any Block:

Where does mb-double come from? What helper classes are available in the Blocks Editor? For those answers take a look at the MD style guide where you can see a comprehensive list of classes you can use to make quick layout adjustments without having to write your own custom CSS.

Click to see the MD style guide

However, because the Blocks Editor uses a different stylesheet than the master MD stylesheet loaded to your site, you currently only have access to the following (but most useful) helper classes:

  • Site Colors
  • Typography (small-title, small-text, large-title, etc.)
  • Alignments (alignwide, alignfull, aligncenter, etc.)
  • Blocks (block-double, block-single, block-half, etc.)
  • Spacers (mb-double, mb-single, mb-half, mb-none etc.)
  • Styles: text-center, shadow, shadow-small

Understanding these classes will give you a whole new level of flexibility with the design of your posts, and since these are the same classes and styles MD uses you can rest assured they will always work and be in sync with your site’s design settings.

3. Massive Files and Templates Reorganization Meant to Help You Understand MD Core

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, a mark of a professionally designed software is how regularly it receives support and maintenance.

A second sign you can use to tell how well software is built is by its developer capabilities, of which MD has many and MD5.1.1 enhances by making it easier for you to understand the core structure of the software.

Consider this the first public call for developers to come to the MD platform and share your customization’s!

With dozens of useful hooks, filters, functions, and templates available you will be surprised with how much control you truly have over your site and how fun MD’s developer features are to learn.

The reason I am mentioning this is because our next big focus has been to introduce the new Dropins Manager which will make it possible to easily import/export Dropins without having to directly modify your child theme.

This new manager will also enable us to import/export site design data, optins data, general settings, and other kind of data saved to MD which will open the doors to many template and child theme releases from both the MD staff and community.

If you are a developer interested in learning how to use MD to maximize your site, and to also get a head start on learning how to create your MD dropins and potentially sell them one day, you can do the following things:

  1. Start exploring the new organized file structure in MD5.1.1, which reveals everything you need to know about creating Dropins and official examples of how to create custom fields, save settings, and create admin pages
  2. Head over to the Developer docs where we are creating more user manuals to help streamline the code you find in MD core
  3. Ask any questions and post tips in the Development discussions forum

4. Re-adds baseline schema for theme compatibility

In MD5.1 we made a bold decision to remove schema support and to defer to SEO plugins, but went a little too far with our all or nothing approach.

Now in MD5.1.1 we have re-added the most minimal schema support to the theme’s markup as can be useful to your site, with a strong recommendation of using any schema or SEO plugin for your more advanced schema needs.

  • Re-added Article type schema to <article> tags
  • Added WPHeader back to <header> tag
  • Added WPSidebar back to <aside> tag
  • Added WPFooter back to <footer> tag
  • Added schema tags back to various menu elements

You can also return a different schema type to the <article> tag in place of the default with the simple md_filter_article_schema filter:

function md_child_article_schema( $default ) {
    return '';
add_filter( 'md_filter_article_schema', 'md-child' );

You can also use this filter with WordPress conditionals, and the example below will allow you to change the article schema type based on Post Type:

function md_child_article_schema( $default ) {
    if ( get_post_type() == 'downloads' )
        return '';

    if ( get_post_type() == 'movies' )
        return '';

    // if neither post type, just use default article schema
    return $default;
add_filter( 'md_filter_article_schema', 'md_child_article_schema' );

5. New UI enhancements and features

In addition to the new Site Colors, MD5.1.1 comes with a handful of useful enhancements that make various features easier and more enjoyable to use. Here’s are the highlights:

MailerLite After Signup Message

If using the MailerLite integration your signup forms will now show a sleek message after a user signs up:

Better Custom Template Support in Call to Actions

All popup templates have been added for full “Custom Template” capabilities from the admin settings, as well as the ability to enable shortcode support and other WordPress formatting from Popups, CTAs and Floating Bars:

Disable WordPress formatting

Change the Heading HTML of Call to Actions

The Call to Action feature in MD optins allows you to place well-designed action boxes across your site in an easy way.

When using a CTA box as the main title of your page, you will most likely also want to use the title as the main h1 tag for the page, so MD5.1.1 allows you to change the heading HTML of any CTA box with an easy control:

Change heading of title tags

Better Default Email Form Handling

In MD5.0 the “Default Email List” setting was introduced as a quick way for you to ensure all custom forms you create through MD optins, widgets, shortcodes, and the Block Editor use a default email list.

By setting a default email list you can save time by no longer needing to check the email list field every time you create a new form, and this also ensures that if you ever switch email services that all existing email forms will fallback to your new default email list as set in MD > Optins > Call to action.

You can now see in your admin settings all new email forms will use the default “Use default email list” setting.

Widget Fixes and Email Widget Form Cleanup

The Email form widget has settings have also been cleaned up to utilize the default email list, as well as removing unneeded controls and a general layout cleanup.

MD5.1.1 also fixes a minor glitch where you could not upload an image to a newly created widget until you reloaded the page. The image control now shows up as soon as a widget is created or saved over an AJAX request.

More Specific Integration Labels

To better help you find the account information from an email marketing service and other supported services we have updated the labels in the Integrations panel to match the same language and phrases used from the service.

For example, instead of labeling everything “API Key,” the Typekit integration now properly asks you for your Kit ID.

Deeper Site Design Support

MD5.0 introduced the revamped Site Design panel and MD5.1.1 cleans up a few cases where certain controls did not fully reflect on the site. More specifically, the headline color, header font weight, and featured image cover links will now all show the proper values according to your settings.

Teasers and Loop Updates

Magic Loops has been a well-received feature and MD5.1.1 pushes some style updates and a more versatile teasers template. One of the most customizable part of any loop is the byline where you can add post info like the author, category, date, last updated date, and even a “New!” badge.

To better hold all of these possibilities the Teasers design has been update to spread the byline out even better by using the before headline and after text layout (see screenshot):

Love What You See? Marketers Delight 5.1.1 is Ready for Download!

I hope this post has left you excited for the future of Marketers Delight and has given you something new to look forward to using now. MD5.1.1 is primarily a stability update, and updates like this usually come when something big is right around the corner…

Until our next release be sure to check in at the MD forums regularly where we are always engaging with the greater community.

You should also follow the blog as we have new staff writers who will be publishing interesting articles alongside my own posts each month.

Finally, don’t forget about our new Docs section where we are gradually building an entire knowledgebase to help you learn every secret and corner of Marketers Delight.

What will you build with Marketers Delight today? Share your favorite new enhancement from MD5.1.1 in the comments below!

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