MD4.5.1 Squashes Minor Bugs + New Site Shoutouts

A lot has been in the works since releasing MD4.5 earlier this week, and today I’m releasing a minor new version of MD that cleans up a few bugs from that release.

Did you know there are site owners out there who prefer to update to major new versions after 1-2 maintenance releases come out? I salute those cautious souls with the first of them here in MD4.5.1:

  • Fixes bug where Popups manager crashes while editing Custom CSS
  • Re-added missing ‘Play button’ control to Video Lead
  • Fixes Video Lead display glitch on mobile
  • Add a RSS icon anywhere with <i class="md-icon-rss"></i>, or add the rss class to your Social Media menu item
  • You can now make button colors red with the red button classes:
    <a href="#" class="red button">Click here</a>
  • Fixed occasional warning messages when no popups are created

These types of bug fixes—sometimes so tiny—are quietly added into the MD download from time to time and announced once a bigger MD release is ready.

After working on the MDNET site tonight I made a few fixes I deem noteworthy enough to send you this note about.

Now that you’re on the elegant MD4.5, all you need to do is update the theme from the Appearance > Themes menu.

See? Our work is already paying off. See for yourself how MD4.5 is already helping others build better websites:

Welcome back!
Civil War Memory Returns to MD

Civil War Memory

Kevin Levin is a longtime MD user and more notably the blogger at Civil War Memory for over 10+ years.

We worked on a beautiful custom design together for his site around the time MD 4.0 first came out, but due to how fragmented MD was all the way back then, the finished product just couldn’t last.

Luckily that design can be saved thanks to the missing pieces MD4.5 adds and will return to the site soon.

But in the meantime, Kevin has been putting together a site design on his own, perfectly blending his content with the admin features that come in Marketers Delight.

See Civil War Memory →

See it to believe it
Marketers Cove Shoots an MD Walkthrough Video

Marketers Cove

I made a friend over the summer named Dylan who shares his story as a young entrepreneur and making money online at Way of the Olympian.

He was an influential part in getting the new blog teasers layout feature added into MD4.5 and has been a big advocate of MD since he started customizing Way of the Olympian with it.

Recently, Dylan has been building a new site called Marketers Cove and has been documenting every step he takes as he builds his site.

I’m thrilled to say his first post was a video walkthrough of the MD4.5 setup process and a quick tour of how to set different parts of your website up.

See Dylan’s MD Video walkthrough →

This resonates with me especially as I start experimenting with making more MD videos of my own (did you watch me upgrade Kolakube to MD4.5?), so stay tuned as Dylan and I are both working on even more videos for you.

It’s all in the list
12 Email Form Placement Ideas for Your Blog

Gabe Johansson

Gabe Johansson, a longtime MD user and even longer time blogger recently published a post that caught my eye.

He created a straight to the point list of 12 places around your blog you can place email forms, or simply link to a newsletter page. You think you’ve gotten this advice a million times, but Gabe lists a few lesser-known places you may want to check out as a quick refresher.

I’m particularly happy about this post because MD can achieve 10/12 of his suggestions out-of-the-box, and the other two with a little child theme work.

Now, just because Gabe gave you these ideas and MD allows you to implement them doesn’t mean you actually need 12 email callouts on your pages!

You can get creative as you want with your messaging, knowing MD has your back for when you need to place that perfect call-to-action.

Do You Like These Quick Updates?

It was a quiet summer around here with MD4.5 in the works. Now with a solid future ahead of us, there’s never been a better time to build a new website with Marketers Delight.

I love discovering all the new sites you guys make so shoot me an email or join the forums to show off your creations to me and the rest of the community. We’ve been known to help with a thing or two, so don’t be shy.

Expect more posts like these as MD is constantly getting new bug fixes and updates. Let me know in the comments below what you think of the format of these posts and share any MD resources you’e created for others.

MD is growing daily, are you ready to get these powerful features for yourself?

P.S. have you seen the Sites Showcase? Lots of beautiful sites build with MD for your inspiration on that page,

NOTE: To update your site to MD4.5, simply login to your WordPress admin and go to Appearance > Themes to follow the 1-click updater process.

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