Get a preview of the new Drop-ins Manager in MD5.3

After years in the making and of what feels like an overnight success, the MD Drop-ins Manager is now standing on its own two feet… and is almost ready for your websites, too!

New: Drop new power features into your websites with Marketers Delight 5.3

The new MD Drop-ins Manager for WordPress

Beyond MD’s optins features, site design options, performance settings, and even writing tools is a smart underground system of tools that go deep into letting you extend what WordPress is capable of out of the box.

With this same toolset that powers MD core is now being used to create new Drop-in features that add powerful content creation tools and many new kinds of page templates.

Think of it like installing plugins to WordPress, except MD style.

…and MD Drop-ins don’t turn your site to sh*t.

Once you are logged in to your MD account you can start downloading new Drop-ins and upload them to you site.

You are also greeted with the latest Drop-ins and direct download from your account page:

Download MD Drop-ins from your customer account.

You’ll see customer-only downloads like Docs, Glossary, Beacon, and others ready to go on your websites. No (more) child theme required! 1 1. Don't worry—there are still very cool things you can do with Drop-ins and child themes! ×

Once you download the Drop-in you wish to add to your site, you can simply upload and activate it to the new MD > Drop-ins > Add new settings page.

Upload new Drop-ins to MD

A key advantage to this new process is now it will be much easier for us to update and continue to build on to the MD Drop-ins library.

Now, whenever a Drop-in gets an update or new features you can simply come back and upload the new version and MD will safely move your new features into place.

MD5.3 coming soon

We are still working on and testing the MD5.3 beta version and plan to have it ready to go on your sites very soon. As part of the new release we will show you how to easily port your child theme Drop-ins into this new system.

We would absolutely love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you have before updating your site and trying it out yourself

The MD Drop-ins Manager is a bold feature, but one that will unlock a whole new generation of high-powered websites with WordPress.


  1. Don't worry—there are still very cool things you can do with Drop-ins and child themes!

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