Marketers Delight 5.5.5 9 changes

Released: September 24, 2022

  • Applies more consistent class names/markup strcture when cycling between main/secondary logo color schemes in the header
  • SImplifies the localization of admin data passed to the Block Editor and other parts of the WP admin (deprecates md_localize_scripts())
  • Updates all md_has( 'popups' ) drop-in checks to now search for optins
  • Developers: Adds $post_width dynamic CSS helpe variable to return the exact width of the post content in px
  • Developers: Show the md_api->fields->terms field as select box with the select_type parameter
  • Developers: Reorder terms in custom fields with the md_api->fields->terms order parameter
  • Developers: md_api class extensions will now detect new method names post_type_meta and taxonomy_meta to filter your custom post type and custom taxonomy names into the MD settings API. See more about this filter
  • Developers: Adds unit parmeter to md_api->fields->field to add custom value labels outside of text fields.
  • Drop-in updates: Optins 1.0.8, Share 1.0.4, Glossary 1.3.3, Drop-ins Generator 1.2.1

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