There are a couple of ways to add custom logos to your Marketers Delight theme. You can use the following logo settings to your site:

  1. Style text logos with custom fonts, colors, and font weights
  2. Upload the main site logo image (dark version)
  3. Upload the secondary logo image (light or white version)

Upload Custom Logo Image

1. Login to the WordPress admin and go to MD > Site Design > Content:

2. Locate and click the ‘add image‘ button

3. At this point, you will have three equally effective options, so choose the option that best fits your needs.

  • Upload File → Drop files to upload (drag and drop your image)
  • Upload File → Select files (choose a file from your computer)
  • Media Library → Select

4. Next, if you have an all white version of your logo you can upload it to the “Alternate logo” file next to the main logo. The all white logo version will show when the header of your site is dark, like when using the “Full Header Cover” Featured image setting.

5. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Settings button.

Style Logo With Custom Fonts

To style custom logo text instead, head over to MD > Site Design > Fonts & Typography > Site Title & Tagline to design your logo text with Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts (Typekit) custom web fonts:

Custom web fonts in Marketers Delight

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