#08: How to Organize Code Snippets in Your Child Theme

In MDTV episode 8, Alex shows you ways to keep your child theme clean when adding code snippets.

This video focuses on organizing the 3 main types of code snippets found in the Code Snippets library as well as tips for organizing your stylesheet:

  1. Creating your own shortcodes.php file
  2. When to add general hooks and filters to functions.php
  3. Loading blocks of content/template code from loader.php
  4. How to organizing your style.css file into sections and sub-sections

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  1. Okay, okay….I hear you loud and clear bro. My CSS file is a little cluttered and messy so I’ll get in there and clean it up.

    Besides, using this organization system will definitely cut down on my own frustration level and make it easier to make changes and improve my site.

    I got a little lost in the loader.php portion of the vid, but since it’s a video…I can watch it over, and over…until I get it

    Which FTP client do you use?
    It looks user-friendly and easier to work with than FileZilla.

    • No worries, the child theme on this site is even sloppier! Sometimes you’ve gotta move fast, but remembering these “rules” on the fly will help minimize the damage.

      Hmm that’s good to know, I’ll keep coming up with ways to explain it but hopefully the video + a little testing on your own will make a few things click.

      I use Coda 2, it’s really convenient to have the text editor + FTP in one. Maybe I’ll do a video on it: https://panic.com/coda/

  2. Does this only work with marketers delight wordpress themes, or can I use this as a plugin with different themes also? Thanks!

    • Hey MZ, understood. The Video Gallery plugin only works with Marketers Delight – it’s how I was able to keep it lightweight and enhanced for all MD customers.

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