#04: MD Pro Share Sneak Peak

In episode 4 of MDTV Alex gives you a quick tour of the upcoming MD Pro Share feature that will be added into Marketers Delight.

  • Place Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest share icons
  • Add beautiful inline and floating icon sets
  • Choose which post types/pages to show Share Icons on
  • Bonus: Add RSS icon and choose your own email popup button
  • Add your own custom buttons through your child theme

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    • Agreed! If it’s not a terribly bloated interface you have to deal with, it’s waiting for a clunky JS-driven share script to load.

      Since MD Pro Share plugs right into MD’s templates, there’s no guesswork involved and no workaround scripts needed—which should keep things loading fast around here. 🙂

      Excited to see how you blend these in with your designs Max!

  1. This looks killer! Great work. I love where you’re going with this.

    Curious how it works with images? Which image does it pull into FB/Twitter? Can we specify?

    Would be killer to be able to specify a specific share URL too. That’s all I’d need and this is golden.

    Keep it up Alex.

    • Thanks Seth!

      The share buttons pull the Featured Image you set for the post/page, and if that’s not set (and depending on the share services API), they’ll automatically pull the first image found in the content.

      I’m glad you brought this point up, and I’ll test these with Yoast SEO because they let you set your own image for Twitter/Facebook share from the meta box they add to posts.

      Do you use Yoast? If so, you should have exactly what you need once this feature becomes available.

      • Can’t wait to try this out. I’ve used things like social warfare and it’s just a huge plugin. Sharing should be simple and fast. So long as we’re able to control what is shared from a page I’m good. (Sometimes on sales funnel pages I don’t want to share that exact page on social media, I want to share the optin page, so would be great to be able to change the url that is shared for example).

        I hate Yoast 🙂 It’s a huge, annoying plugin. Some useful things but never had a need for it much, but forced to use it with MD.

        I have dreams of MD having ability to do titles, descriptions, keywords and basic SEO stuff like noindex and nofollow without the gigantic annoying plugin that Yoast is.

  2. I agree with Max, this is going to be a nice little feature with the added bonus of being able to remove another plugin.

    New Year, New Feature, same ‘ol Alex!

    • I take a lot of pride in these individual features being good enough that they can replace entire plugins, so I’m glad you see it that way!

      It’s gonna be a fun year.

  3. Soooo glad that you integrated share buttons into MD. I’m so done with trying to find social share plugins that look great but have a ton of options built into them which slow down te website.

    • The fewer options and scripts, the better and that’s what I set out to achieve with MD Pro Share. You’re going to love using it, it’ll be the easiest set of share icons you’ve ever added to your site!

  4. Great work Alex! It was one of my best decisions last year to choose you again to be my WP Theme supplier 😀 Thanks and keep it up.

    • I’m very glad you decided to put your skills into MD—your sites looks great Maik! Excited to see how you use MD Pro Share next.

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