Video Page Lead

The Video Page Lead is a meticulously designed Page Lead that allows you to format videos onto your pages in a few different ways. With MD Popups integration, you can easily embed videos into a custom popup called on the click of a “play” button.

Bundled with a few different layout options, you can write your own custom headline and description text in addition to placing a buy button or popup trigger directly next to your video.

(If you’re a video blogger who often points at buttons and email forms offscreen, the Video Lead ensures you have plenty to point at)

Video Lead settings from the post editor

In addition to the Play Button feature, you can format your video to show to the left, right or below your text. And of course, you can change the background color, upload a background photo, and change the text color with the built-in Page Lead Design Options.

If you’re a video blogger, simply paste your YouTube embed URL into the Video Lead meta options on each new post and you can instantly transform your text article into a cinematic experience for your followers to enjoy.