Page Leads

Page Leads

The Page Leads system is an upcoming page builder built right into Marketers Delight. Page Leads are professionally designed to display your content in a way that commands action.

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Email Services

Email Forms Integrations

Traditionally, adding email forms to your website usually involved pasting ugly blocks of HTML all over your site.

Simply put, MD makes embedding email forms throughout your site as simple as a few clicks once you’ve connected to your email service provider with MD’s simple connection tool.

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Layout Options

Simple Layout Options

Marketers Delight gives you easy control over your pages layout right from your post editor. Easily add or remove common elements from any post, page, or category with a click from the MD Layout meta box.

That means you can turn any page into a “landing page” by just removing the header menu, sidebar, footer, and any other element that adds clutter to your page.

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WordPress Popups

Create Popups From Your WordPress Dashboard MD Addon

MD Popups adds a complete popups builder right into your WordPress dashboard that let’s you custom design popups for all kinds of purposes. With Exit Intent, 2-step optin, and Show on Delay controls, you can time your popup to show at the perfect time.

Set custom popups on a per post/page/category basis, or build your own custom HTML templates live from WordPress… this is an addon that will change your entire workflow.

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WordPress Featured image Covers

Featured Image Covers

Finding the perfect image for a post can be difficult, and even when you do find one, your current theme may limit how you display it in your post.

With MD’s Featured Image controls you can format your image to display in a variety of ways—as a full-width header or headline cover, above/below title, or aligned to the left/right of your intro.

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MD WordPress Widgets

WordPress Widgets

Widgets are a powerful feature of WordPress that make adding dynamic content around your site as easy as…dragging a widget!

The MD plugin adds the following widgets to your dashboard:

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After Post Call-to-Actions

After Post Call-to-Action

It’s crucial to give your readers something to do after they read your post.

Whether it’s to leave a comment, signup to your email list, buy a product, or simply click through to another page, MD gives you the power to create that direction right from your post editor with the After Post metabox.

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