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THE STREAM is what's new in Marketers Delight.

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New Bookshelf settings page

Bookshelf preview

Making great progress on the Bookshelf merge. Redesigned the post meta boxes and created a new admin screen for you to change the most important parts about your Bookshelf. Things like the permalink, page title/description, and even some bonus features will make its way in. I’m confident about the usefulness of these settings based on how people have been using the Bookshelf for the past 2 years, so I know what’s been missing. To spoil you further, I’m adding a couple of bonus features too!

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Marketers Delight 4.8.5 New!

See what's new:
  • New: Build your own library of books on your site with The Bookshelf. Click "Enable Bookshelf" from the Features Manager to get started!
  • New: Regenerate design.css file and flush your site's permalinks each time you save the MD settings admin.
  • New: Query string at end of assets URL now shows time up to the second for maximum cache-busting impact.

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Updated checkout page

Cleaned up the checkout page by tightening up the design and removing a BUNCH of fields that weren’t necessary for the sale. It’s a simple idea really, the fewer things to fill out the more likely it is to convert the sale. After all, I sell a digital product so why would I need your home address? Why not let you fill in your name and profile details, after you purchase? These are the details that make buying your product a smooth experience, or a buying nightmare.

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Custom changelog post type wordpress

Created the changelog page

Well… didn’t get too far on the new post, felt too groggy to write clearly. Instead I looked for a low-consciousness task to do and ended up porting the old .txt file I’d been using for the MD changelog into a new format. There’s always a lot to do before each MD release so I wanted to make it easier for me to update on the fly. By centralizing it into a new custom post type I can organize each log like a post and access that data easily from anywhere else on the MD site.

Pro Tip: Click on the latest MD version in the header to go to the Changelog any time!

Writing the stream blog post

Writing a post outlining a few different ways you can use the new Stream feature to enhance your website. I have a lot of rust to shake off for this style of writing, and it’s crazy to me how these days I can write code quicker than a blog post. I need to write more…

The explosion of energy that came to me when I devised the Stream for MD4.8.4 still astounds me. In a period of 7 days I developed The Stream (backend and frontend), redesigned the entire MD admin dashboard, and made a slew of bug/code improvements to various parts of MD. To develop a full, product-worthy feature and all of that extra in such a short time is either proof I’m crazy or MD is really good to develop on. The things I could do by harnessing that kind of energy on a regular basis…

Business catching up

Every day you should do even a little something for your business right? Today was a solid day of finally catching up on support tickets, cleaning out email, and even releasing a small patch in MD4.8.4.1. Luckily none of those patches had anything to do with the Stream, so all good there! I really do enjoy talking to you all and helping you out with your websites. Looking over my plans as I wind down for the night to take that help to the next level.

Back to support

Catching up on the support log over at the forums, fell behind while developing the newest MD release. Between the way I develop and the ambitions I have for MD this year, I just can’t do this alone anymore. We all suffer when I can’t put my full attention into the community side of MD, just as we do when my full focus isn’t on development. Hoping to pull someone I trust on sooner rather than later.

Stream launched!

From idea to launch, I’m happy to announce that the very same stream you see here is now available in Marketers Delight 4.8.4 and ready for you to use right now! Just read this to find out more:

Publish Status Updates, Threads, and Share Posts With the New Stream in MD4.8.4

The time it takes to produce quality content and quickly post short updates are in conflict with one another. So how can we combine the brevity of social media and longform content together? Introducing the Stream…