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Owning your online platform

I just changed my Twitter bio to represent an idea that always excites me up when I think of it:

I create Marketers Delight so you can build an online platform that you own in 2019 and beyond.

The beauty of a platform like WordPress is that you can truly own your content online by simply connecting it to a server of your choice. The principle is closely intertwined into my own work here at MD, where my focus is to make the extra effort it takes to own your site worth it (vs. the ease of setting up social media).

That’s why MD focuses on the important things like getting you more newsletter signups, allowing you to write and design beautiful content, and now as I move even closer to my higher visions for MD, better integrations with eCommerce and membership platforms to get you PAID.

Yes, you should absolutely own your online platform, and it shouldn’t be hard. The rapid innovations to MD you will see throughout this year will paint that picture for you clearly.

Secret project

Been working on a secret project for the past week to help my friend release his new record in a creative way. Built on MD, of course. You’ll see more soon.

New Gutenberg Blocks coming in MD4.9.3

New Gutenberg Blocks Coming in MD4.9.3

I’m doing the best I can to make the new Gutenberg editor as easy and useful for you as possible. Believe me, you’re not alone in getting used to this new editor—it has already changed my workflow on my sites and clients.

Back in MD4.9 I added your font and typography settings into the editor for a better live preview experience, as well as the first Email Form Block.

Apart from making this new editor easier, I also have to make it more enticing so you want to use it.

That’s why you can expect in the soon to be released MD4.9.3 at least two new Blocks: a content upgrade, and floating arrow icon. Check out the early screenshot attached to this post to get an idea of what’s to come!

Found Another Stream

You have done again a great job with the updated stream option, so I decided to use it. I’m using it as a short crypto news feed for readers who are more looking for quick and short crypto news updates.

Another Stream has been found in the wild! This one is over at the most thorough crypto blogs I’ve ever seen by Luuk Soon, who is also a longtime MD user. Go to the Beste Bank Stream to see for yourself.

It’s exciting to see this featyre pickup across more sites since the MD4.9.2 update, and gratifying to see how seamlessly it integrates across different niches.

As a software developer I always look to see how people stretch what I’ve created and measure much of my success based on how far people take their websites.

As MD matures it continues to pass more and more of these tests, and the Stream is just another testament to MD’s versatility.

MD Maintenance Releases

I just released Marketers Delight which is adds a minor PHP7.2 compatibility fix to your site.

In between major versions (MD4.x) and minor versions (MD4.9.x), I release maintenance versions to fix tiny bugs like warning messages, display glitches, and anything else where only a few lines of code in MD are changed.

These issue are often annoying enough to call for an update, yet generally not large enough or affect enough people for me to announce it over the newsletter or blog.

You can always check to see what the most current version of MD is by checking out the header of this website, or go to WP Admin > Appearance > Themes to see if you have a new version waiting for you.

Marketers Delight 4.9.2.x New!

See what's new:
  • Fixes warning message when MD share is not active on the Stream
  • Fixes minor PHP7 warning message when posting to the Stream
  • Fixes a glitch that will prevent popups from showing in Customizer.

See all 3 changes →

The Next MD Side Project

In between client projects, MD core development, and an offline pursuit, I now keep a “side project” ongoing for Marketers Delight. The most recent side project was the Stream update in MD4.9.2, and this weekend’s side project is a redesign of the MD blog.

Apart from the development of a few mission-critical new features, new tutorials and guides are badly needed around here. As much as I am inclined to spend as much time as possible in development, I realize that work will never fully be realized for you without better explanations and examples.

There is already a ton of things MD can do that you may not be aware of, hence the impressiveness of the custom site in the showcase, so I already have enough content ideas to justify the blog’s redesign. I will post here when the new format is up.

The Stream Works

I have found this useful and will have even more incentive with the updated version to use it on a regular basis.

The early reviews are coming in, and it seems that the Stream is accomplishing exactly what it was built for: to get you writing content on your site again!

That quote came from Richard Brown, and I look forward to seeing what kind of results he gets from adding this new interactive feature for his readership to come back to.


Marketers Delight 4.9.2 is finally available! Go update your site to get the totally redesigned Stream, Like button, and many other great enhancements. Read the launch post to see what’s new, or read the changelog to get a quick view.

The Stream Gets a Total Redesign, Like Button, and Other Major Refinements in MD4.9.2

MD4.9.2 redesigns the Stream into a more intuitive interface, adds a Like button, typography tweaks, and many other great enhancements.

Gutenberg Love/Hate

The more I write in Gutenberg, the more tiny bugs and odd behaviors I encounter. While they aren’t enough to stop me from writing, the annoyances can pile up enough to slightly slow me down, which does make me mad.

Thanks to the font and typography enhancements in MD4.9, the comfort of seeing my writing come out exactly as it will appear on my site and the pleasure of seeing my images align with the same precision evens those bad feelings out some.

Still, experiencing those mini fits of rage because of the editor I’m using is unacceptable (I prefer to save my rage for the writing itself), and that conclusion pushed me to include a few extra Gutenberg enhancements into the upcoming MD4.9.2 release that will save myself and you some rage in the near future.

Finished the launch post, and it’s only 8am

Just finished the writeup for the MD4.9.2 release, will be editing it later tonight and releasing this great update early tomorrow, right in time for the weekend! I’ve structured the update post in a way that shows my thought process going through the development of each MD version, so I hope you enjoy the appreciation of detail that goes into every release! Can’t wait to see how you use the revamped Stream on your own sites.