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Twitter update

What a busy week (and summer) it’s been in the MD Labs. Been buried under client work but I am making an effort today to catch up on any messages I’ve missed in the forums in the past week. I am not typically so busy that I get burned out of replying at the forums, so I shot a quick video on Twitter to get back into the groove.

Watch it over here, and give me a follow if you haven’t already! oops, taken down for technical difficulties. Just another reason why text > audio!

Can Bitcoin change your life?

I don’t usually do this, but I am publishing today’s newsletter publicly.

Look, I can’t hold my tongue about it any longer—I know there’s a lot of you buying MD to make sites about Bitcoin.

If you want to know the truth, Bitcoin is the investment opportunity of a lifetime and we are all at the beginning of it, right now.

Many people I tell this to don’t want to hear that, and that may include some of you too. No problem.

But why not instead of just hearing about it, you see something that will help you make sense out of it?

…or in our case as online business owners, cents.

(The real income potential is more like many of thousands of dollars, but you know that was a fun pun)

It can be hard to make an investment when your money is going to various places around your life, including your business, so telling you to simply buy Bitcoin may not help you.

But what if I could show you how to turn your website into a Bitcoin earning machine?

No, I am not suggesting you mine your visitor’s computers or resort to e-begging!

I am simply suggesting that your checkout pages offer a Bitcoin payment option.

Sell your products for Bitcoin.

Value for Value.

See, part of the reason why you and I setup our sites with tools like WordPress, Marketers Delight, and a web host is for a similar reason why Bitcoin exists: for self-sufficiency.

Investing in a currency that belongs to you is the bet of a lifetime, just as setting out on your own website platform is the bet that could make or break the sales of your business.

Is it risky to trade potential dollar value income from your business for an investment into a volatile asset?

When you understand Bitcoin’s place in the world, and even look at the market cap relative to other financial assets, you will instead ask:

How can I use my business to help get me into an asset today that has a higher chance of multiplying in value in the future than any dollar amount I accept right now?

You with me?

Think about it in terms of minority rules:

I will not lose income by accepting Bitcoin, which only a small percentage of my customers use, and I will instead gain more customers I would otherwise not have if I didn’t accept Bitcoin.

Why am I tell you all of this?

Well, as of yesterday you can now buy Marketers Delight with Bitcoin.

I am backing up everything I said by putting my own product on the line because I am not interested in convincing you of something I do not already believe in. As one of my favorite quotes goes:

Consider the reasons that make us certain we are right, not the fact that we are certain.

I wanted to share this with you because I feel an obligation to tell everyone I care for about this opportunity. This newsletter is unique because we can leverage our businesses in a lower-risk way than investing our hard-earned savings.

After all, do you think my constant talk of self-reliance and building your own platform isn’t partly inspired by Bitcoin?

Do you think adding the WooCommerce integration directly into MD wasn’t partly inspired by wanting to help you make sales with Bitcoin?

(I am even using Easy Digital Downloads on the MD website, and the Bitcoin gateway seems to work!)

I want to give you every chance possible to get in on an opportunity that doesn’t come around often, maybe once per generation, and the best way I can do that is through my own life’s investment, Marketers Delight.

Does your website already accept Bitcoin? If so, reply to this email and show me what you’ve got.

If not, do you see how your existing business could help you make Bitcoin? Reply to this message and we can talk about how it could be leveraged to do so. Maybe I’ll have to write more about it.

You can now buy MD and renew your license with Bitcoin on the newly redesigned MD website below:

See what’s new at Marketers Delight

Thank you for your attention today,
– Alex

How to Translate MD

Translating Marketers Delight has been unclear for a while, even though MD is built for translation into any language! I just published a tutorial today showing you how to use your child theme and Poedit to translate any string Marketers Delight adds around your site. Check it out and have fun:

How to translate your site with a child theme + Poedit

In this guide I will show you how to fully translate the text strings MD adds around your site from English to any language you prefer to use on your own website.


I just released a small MD maintenance release, nothing urgent unless you are trying to fix some minor bugs as reported in the forums lately. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to report any issues or feedback they see in MD, it’s smaller releases like this that add up over time!

Marketers Delight New!

See what's new:
  • Adds spacing to top of blog teasers on mobile
  • Adds textdomain path to style.css
  • Fixes searchform translation string

See all 5 changes →

The revamped MD Popups Designer

MD Popups

The Popups Designer in MD4.9.5 is going to take your marketing game to the next level! The new Popups Designer comes with 6 extremely versatile custom templates right out of the box as well as powerful custom template options to make creating any kind of popup easier than ever. Extremely excited to release this soon!

MD blog update

MD blog update

Including posting here on the Stream I am now updating the MD blog more regularly. To help you quickly find the new posts, check out the right hand side of the blog page to see the latest posts by date!

MD Update in Progress

The new private MD account area is currently being rolled out—follow the beacon to login and see what's new!


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The revamped MD Popups Designer
MD blog update