Redesigning Kolakube (plus a quick tutorial)

I have been wanting to bring my main site Kolakube back to life for months and tonight I took an hour to clean the site up! I will be writing about more advanced development topics and blog about anything else I’d want to talk about online.

While cleaning up my old child theme, I found something in my child theme that is no longer needed now that MD has the exact same feature built-in now. This tends to happen often thanks to MD’s fast release cycle.

Using the MD Integrations panel, I will show you how I added my Google Analytics tracking code to my site.

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WP Footer Tracking Scripts

Step 1. First, I found my old Analytics tracking code in my child theme’s functions.php file. Unless you use a tracking scripts plugin (which is a feature already built in to MD) you can always hook the script into wp_footer.

Google Analytics tracking code

Step 2. All you need to integrate Google Analytics is your tracking ID (NOT the full code) so you can copy the tracking ID form the existing code.

Integrate Google Analytics with Marketers Delight

Step 3. Finally, and very simply login to your WP Admin and go to Marketers Delight > Integrations > Google Analytics and paste your code into the Tracking ID field. Click save and Google Analytics will be integrated into your site!

After I saved the integration, I deleted the original function from my child theme as I no longer needed it. The less code loading from my child theme—especially tracking codes—the smoother future MD updates will go and less to maintain in the longrun.

Always follow the latest MD news to see the latest feature releases and improvements getting sent to your website!