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To add any new feature to a product you have to think not only about its future implications but about the changes it makes to the existing system.

Do features that existed before now work differently and can the new improve the inefficiencies of the old?

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In this case, the idea of 3rd party integrations was strictly limited to Email Forms, so that system was built entirely in that context.

That means non-email integrations wouldn’t fit in, creating a need for other kinds of integration systems – otherwise known as CHAOS!

What if we could elevate the original idea and standardize a method to integrate different types of services in one place?

That’s the goal of the new MD Integrations panel and the benefits of recognizing this new system has trickled down into the rest of the product.

Now that the Email Forms system had a huge chunk ripped out of it, how does it now stand on its own?

By focusing on itself!

Instead of intertwining 2 concepts—integrations and email forms—both are now free to scale up based upon their strengths rather than by restrictions.

From cleaner interfaces to more robust features, MD4.9 will serve as a win for the updates of the future and act as an ode to all that made it great in the past.

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Marketers Delight 4.9 New!

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  • New: The new Pro Integrations panel makes connecting and managing 3rd party services/email providers easy from one interface
  • New: Refresh your email integrations with a simple "Refresh" button!
  • New: Connect to multiple email services at a single time with the Pro Integrations panel

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