Marketers Delight Redesign

What’s new in MD: A monthly review

November has been a transformative month for Marketers Delight. New groundbreaking features, updated settings panel, bug fixes and improvements, and huge plans for the future all lie below. Check ’em out!

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Marketers Delight Redesign

First, the spark that started it all—the main landing page gets a full redesign to better show off what MD is all about. The previous design was outdated in all of the great new features and optimizations that MD has gotten over the years. Adding a fresh coat of paint over your website really boosts morale and opens up new ideas for your work. For example…

An idea to post shorter and faster updates to my websites turned into the new Stream feature—a simple way to create a thoughts stream right on your blog. Already people who use MD are using it to create News feeds and even replace their blog with this simpler format.

You’re using the Stream right now to read this Thread, but you read my full blog post where I give you a better tour and how to start using it to your website today.

Publish Status Updates, Threads, and Share Posts With the New Stream in MD4.8.4

The time it takes to produce quality content and quickly post short updates are in conflict with one another. So how can we combine the brevity of social media and longform content together? Introducing the Stream…
Marketers Delight admin panel

As part of the same update that released the Stream, MD4.8.4 also redesigned the MD admin panel! You can now access the refined MD admin panel from the highly visible “Marketers Delight” link in your WP Admin, and manage your important settings on the front page. No more clutter!

After updating to the latest version of MD, you may notice a slight performance improvement in the WP admin panel. As part of the redesigned admin panel I was able to further finetune important utilities that MD runs to keep your site up to date.

Performance gains are my favorite features to announce, and MD is already a blazing fast product!

To keep up with the insane pace MD development has been going this past month, I finally made the effort to build a better Changelog page – and it is impressive! You can now browse a quick recap of each new MD release dating all the way back to 2015!

You will want to keep an eye on this page because I am also using it to post sneak peaks of upcoming releases so you always know what to expect next out of the MD Labs!

See the full MD changelog here →

Cache plugins add a big performance boost to your site, but can make seeing changes you make to your CSS files difficult. MD now combats this very effectively by forcing the most recently changed version of your stylesheet into your browser’s cache (also known as “cache-busting”). Now you can keep your cache plugin on and make changes to your child theme’s stylesheet!

Build Your Own Books Library on WordPress

Previously available as a separate Dropin, the Bookshelf has been successfully merged into Marketers Delight! This great new feature, once enabled, makes it easy for you to publish a beautiful library of your favorite reads right on your website. Use The Bookshelf to create new kinds of content pages on your site with simple admin settings to guide you along the way.

How to Make a Books Library with WordPress

The most important content you can deliver to your audience is the gift of knowledge, and there is no better vessel of knowledge than books. With the new Bookshelf in Marketers Delight, creating a gallery of your favorite reads has never been easier.

The moves I’ve made this month are part of a larger strategy I am pushing towards that may not yet be fully visible yet. My primary objective is to always deliver new and sustainable features to put Marketers Delight on the cutting-edge, but I am working on another goal here at the MD Labs. That goal is to create incentives for the release of new tutorials, page templates, designs, and other kinds of content to help you set up faster, custom WordPress websites.

Thanks for Reading!

Thanks for making it this far down the Thread and I hope these new developments have given you a taste of what you can make with Marketers Delight. But this thread only touches the surface of what MD can do for you.

You can see what MD is all about here, or if you’re already convinced, get started with MD right now:

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