Md Core

Now that you’re using Marketers Delight, you don’t have to worry whether or not your WooCommerce store will work: it will work better than ever!

As of MD4.9.4 all it takes to add full design, layout, and features compatibility with WooCommerce, simple enable it from the Features Manager:

After you enable this option all WooCommerce templates will be integrated into MD’s layout, making it possible for you take advantage of the custom style additions and features of Marketers Delight!

First we can start with the header. If you have a store that sells high inventory and allows your customers to buy multiple products, you will definitely want an easy way for them to get to the shopping cart.

That’s why MD adds a shopping cart icon into the header—which is available on all of your pages and easy to find. The cart total updates automatically every time an item is added to the cart for a more guided experience.

Store header

Scrolling down to the store gallery is a nicely designed grid showing your products by image, name, star ratings, and pricing. This is the simplest default look for any stores that sell many products and each shop and category will have its own customized look with a well-designed product image.

Marketers Delight improves the default store templates by adding your colors, font sizes, and other design choices from the Site Designer. That means your links, buttons, fonts, and spacing will be incorporated into your shop’s design without any extra effort.

…and all you did to make all of this happen was click a button, remember?

Tooltips for WooCommerce buy buttons.

From the shop page to store products, all of the WooCommerce Widgets, and even the “My account” page, MD makes sure store pages and other WooCommerce features look great and usable across all devices!

MD even makes sure you can use its power features to further enhance your store. You can create custom sidebars, add or remove specific layout elements, and even add newsletters to your products.

In fact, you can manage a handful of extremely useful bonus features from the Integrations panel. After you enable the WooCommerce integration into MD, you can go to the MD > Integrations page to find the bonus settings tab:

Bonus WooCommerce features

You will see the option to enable add the cart icon to your header and even settings to add sidebars to the shop archive and single product pages.

You can even tweak your checkout page from this page and enable the powerful Minimal Checkout setting which will remove potentially unneeded fields from your checkout page.

Minimal Checkout is great for stores that sell digital products and do not require shipping information. You can also change the “Sale!” text button and make other adjustments from this page.

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