Events Calendar

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Table of Contents

  • Features List
  • Installation Instructions

The Events Calendar 6.0 plugin has been released, and it arrives as a complete calendar solution that is practical for any small businesses and advanced bloggers.

For full style compatibility and bonus features, The Events Calendar Drop-in for Marketers Delight adds perfect design integration of this powerful Events plugin right into your websites!

Simply download and drop-in this integration to your WP Admin > Drop-ins Manager, and you can begin publishing events on your website. No extra steps required.

Features List

As of version 1.0, this is strictly a styles compatibility release with bonus features planned for future versions. Here is what to expect when you install The Events Calendar Drop-in:

  • Snaps The Events Calendar layouts into place
  • Adopts your site spacing & typography values
  • Applies your branding and colors to buttons and other elements

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Download Drop-in file from this page, or your members area

Step 2: Login to your site, go to WP admin > MD > Drop-ins > Add new

Step 3: Upload and activate your new drop-in

Step 4: Once activated, you can begin using The Events Calendar

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