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  • How to Use the Shortcode
  • Dropin Notes

Using social proof on your website can add a big advantage to your sales process but managing testimonials in WordPress can get tricky. With the MD Testimonials Dropin you can add user testimonials just like you add and manage posts and compile them into a linkable page.

Key Features

  • Adds Testimonials custom post type to WordPress admin
  • Simplified post editor interface for rapid content creation
  • Automatically generates a page with all of your testimonials
  • Use the [testimonial] shortcode to embed single testimonials anywhere on your site that accepts shortcodes


Create a testimonials page on your WordPress website

Automatically create a testimonials page that is easily linkable around your website.

An example of what a single testimonial looks like embedded in a post with the `testimonial` shortcode.

Add and manage testimonials just like you create posts in WordPress.

A simplified post editor experience to help you rapidly add details to each testimonial.


Read the Dropin Installation Guide for general instructions on how to install any MD Dropin, including the Testimonials Dropin.

How to Use the Shortcode

The Testimonials Dropin comes with a shortcode that can be used to embed a single testimonial anywhere on your website that accepts shortcodes.

To use the shortcode, simply get the post ID of the testimonial entered into the Testimonials custom post type and plug it into the shortcode like so:

[testimonial id=”7604″]

Dropin Notes

  • In the main testimonials.php, you can adjust the main title and description at the top of the Testimonials page, and add a sidebar to the page.
  • Normally each testimonial you add to the Testimonials custom post type generates its own page, but this Dropin redirects those pages to the main Testimonials page where all of your entries are compiled.

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