Md Essentials

For as convenient as share buttons make spreading your content on social media, adding them to your site isn’t always an easy task. Now it’s a part of MD.

MD Pro Share gives you the power to quickly add share buttons around your site, and in a precise way. No more guessing to find the right plugin, you finally have share buttons that adapt to your website’s flexible layout.

>From floating icons to bold buttons within your posts, you can add the right set of icons to the highest converting places on your page in just a few clicks. Fine-tune their locations on a page-by-page basis, and even filter which post types you show them on.

MD Pro Share’s simple drag-and-drop admin makes it easy to add the share icons you want and remove the ones you don’t. Even add custom icons with your child theme, and use the Email Popup button to show a custom-designed popup.

Finally, with no heavy scripts to slow down your page you can share content as quickly as you can read it.

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