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  • Floating Bar Optins: "The highest converting email forms I've ever used"
  • Deploy Beautiful Email Forms Throughout Your Site
  • The Final Touch...

A simple optins system that let’s you deploy stunning Call to actions, highly effective Floating Bars, and the a persistent chain of Popups built directly into your WordPress website.

Marketers Delight Floating Bars and Popups Optins Forms

Armed with three new kinds of optin form systems you can turn your site into a smooth and highly conversion-optimized place. MD Optins adds new Email Forms, Floating Bars, and Popups features to its new Optins suite.

Here’s an example from the new Popups Designer:

Popups Designer in Marketers Delight.

The Popups Designer has been completely rebuilt and made into one of the smoothest popups builders available for WordPress!

Marketers Delight 5.0 comes with FIVE custom popup templates you can morph your offers into.

The screenshot above is an example of the “Holy Grail” template that comes with full text, image, and design controls. More are coming soon. Remember, there are five templates to choose from with the ability to create a custom HTML popups with MD helper classes.

Deploying them around your site with various display rules is now easier than ever with simple settings attached to every popup:

Choose where to add popups to key points around your website, and adjust the popup show method to show after X seconds, show on exit intent, and show after percentage scroll of page. Adjust timing and even set cookies to hide popups after they are closed.

Overall the entire popups system has been radically simplified and allows you to design much better and more persuasive popups.

For example you can create a multi-step popup by linking two popups together with the button settings. Use different popup templates for new product releases or a flash sale, and enjoy the flexibility of the new designer.

Floating Bar Optins: “The highest converting email forms I’ve ever used”

I was so excited to build the new Floating Bar optin forms into MD5.0 because it has always been the highest converting optin forms for my clients.

Now you can add this useful web element around your site and deploy them in similar ways to Popups:

Floating Bar Optins

Whether you need a Floating Bar for cookie messages or as a subtle optin offer to add to pages, this is a feature every MD website needs to use!

Deploy Beautiful Email Forms Throughout Your Site

The final part of MD Optins is the new Email Forms system which let’s you quickly create and deploy customized email forms around your site in similar ways to Popups and Floating Bars.

Think of this as a better version of the old Email Page Lead.

The Final Touch…

With Marketers Delight 5.0 you now have far more options to create unique kinds of optin forms and deploy them throughout your website. Not only can you deploy optins sitewide, but you can also create custom optins per page with simple Optins settings available below the WordPress posts editor:

Add and remove other optins that may also be on the page to ensure the cleanest reading experience possible. MD Optins gives you a lot of control to offer respectable offers, so use that control to better your audience, not annoy them.

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