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Table of Contents

  • How to enable and configure the MD Admin Bar
  • Add your own custom admin links
  • But really, why try the MD Admin Bar?
The WordPress admin bar makes the connection between the frontend and admin easier, but at the cost of slowing down your website with heavy scripts and endless plugin additions. With the built-in MD Admin Bar you can replace the native WordPress admin bar with a lightweight and script free admin bar. To make it even more useful you can add your own custom admin link actions from the settings page. With the flexibility afforded you can finally make editing posts and accessing your most common admin screens easier. Here’s how it works:

Key Features of the MD Admin Bar

  • Add your own admin links and actions from the simple settings page
  • Follows you down the page on scroll with smart “Edit” and “New” links
  • Loads faster than the standard WP admin bar with absolutely no scripts and bare minimal styles
  • Built-in to Marketers Delight and enabled in WP Admin > MD > Dropins

How to enable and configure the MD Admin Bar

Starting at version 5.2.1 the MD admin bar is now built-in and can be toggled on and off from the Dropins Manager in WP admin > MD > Dropins. Once activated you will now see the MD admin bar on the frontend of your website with the most basic controls you will need like the Admin home link, Edit page, Add new, and the Logout link. MD Admin bar drop-in for WordPress

Add your own custom admin links

Now that the MD Admin Bar is enabled you can begin adding your own admin links. To access the admin bar settings go to WP admin > MD > Settings > Admin bar. Here you will have a simple screen to create your links and even select icons to go with each admin link. MD admin bar settings page To add new links you merely need to copy and paste the link into the respective text field and also give the link a name. Tip: Before activating the MD Admin bar, copy and paste a list of links you wish to bring over from the WordPress version. Pro tip: In MD5.2.1 there is a new action link that can rebuild your dynamic stylesheets on call which is useful for rapid development and stylesheet troubleshooting. To add this action paste the following into the “Link” box in a new admin bar item:

But really, why try the MD Admin Bar?

Marketers Delight takes strong stands to make your site load fast and perform well, and believes the simplest answer is always the best way. While the WP admin bar is already an established feature of WordPress with many plugin integrations, it uses scripts like jQuery and is so expandable that other plugins add settings and even additional scripts and styles that inevitably slow down your entire website when used. I personally got sick of being penalized for logging into my site so I recreated this simple Dropin to replace the WP admin bar on the frontend that is the absolute most minimal solution possible. The MD Admin bar loads very basic HTML and styles with absolutely zero extra scripts, yet still retains the floating behavior on scroll. To take it to the next level and make this fun experiment worthy of release to you, the simple admin settings page has been created so you can make the MD Admin Bar your own too.

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