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Table of Contents

  • What is Gallery Blocks?
  • Screenshots
  • Installation
  • Dropin Notes

Use Gallery Blocks to create simple page listings to show off full-size screenshots and photos. Easily manage Gallery Blocks on any part of your page from the WordPress post editor.

Key Features

  • Create unlimited Gallery Blocks per page
  • Show thumbnail, title, description, and button text per Block
  • Show full-size image in popup preview on click
  • Set button to open full-size preview or custom URL
  • Drag and drop reorder Blocks
  • Managed from the post editor in the WP admin panel

What is Gallery Blocks?

Galleries are one of the easiest ways to show a lot of information on your website in an easy to understand way, but can be challenging to build and manage as a website owner. Gallery Blocks aim to be the simple solution to adding intuitive popup galleries to any page of your website, fully managed from the Edit Post screen.

Use Gallery Blocks to create portfolios, special offers, content listings, and any other idea you can come up with to get the most out of this simple Dropin. Since Gallery Blocks are managed from the post editor screen, all you have to do is plug in your content and let MD design the rest for you live on your website.

Once installed, the Gallery Blocks meta box will be available on all of your posts and pages ready for instant usage. Add your own custom copy and images to the easy drag and drop interface, and position your gallery anywhere on your page with simple hook management.


Gallery Blocks Listing Preview

Display Gallery Blocks in a 2×2 grid with thumbnail photo, description text, and preview button.

Clicking on the thumbnail image or button shows the full size image in a popup. Powered by MD Popups.

Gallery Blocks post meta

Use Gallery Blocks on Posts and Pages with simple meta box controls. Add a headline, description text, and create unlimited Blocks with a simple interface.

Gallery Blocks expanded post meta

Each Gallery Block has simple settings and all you have to do is upload the thumbnail image and full-size image and let MD do the rest.


Read the Dropin Installation Guide for general instructions on how to install any MD Dropin, including the Gallery Blocks Dropin.

Dropin Notes

  • You can change the default button text and how many columns show per row quickly from the top of the gallery-blocks.php file.
  • By default, the preview button on each Block links to a popup preview. If you enter a URL into the “Button URL” field the button will link to that page instead, and you can still click the image thumbnail to open the full-size preview.
  • To add context to Gallery Blocks, fill-in the main Title and Description text fields in the post meta box settings.
  • Works best with the WordPress Classic Editor as meta boxes are better supported, but still has full functionality with the new Gutenberg editor.

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