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  • Extend WordPress with custom admin pages, post, term, and user meta with the MDAPI
  • How to Generate a New Drop-in

Looking for a faster way to build new Drop-ins? Forget copy and paste, the new Drop-ins Generator gives you an easy way to create personalized boilerplate’s to start every new project.

For some drop-in inception, once you install the Generator to the Drop-ins Manager you can create a new Drop-in any time in WP Admin > Tools.

Extend WordPress with custom admin pages, post, term, and user meta with the MDAPI

Enter the power of the MDAPI, the secret powerhouse behind all of the features of Marketers Delight now harnessed into your clean new Drop-in.

The boilerplate code included in your new Drop-in offers you a simple example of what it looks like to register custom admin settings from just about every available WordPress API, simplified by the power of MD.

You can add and remove from the code to your project’s needs and further extend your Drop-in to fully fit your new project’s needs. With this example code and an elegant toolkit, you’ll create a fully working product in no time!

How to Generate a New Drop-in

Once you’ve installed and activated the Drop-ins Generator, head over to WP admin > Tools to begin your new Drop-in. From here you will be greeted with a simple 3-step process.

The first step is pretty straightforward, just fill out the details to define what your Drop-in is to end users and what information will show in the Drop-ins Manager list.

Fill out Drop-in details.

The details filled out here will be compiled into the Drop-ins config.json file, which you can update at any time.

Next is the fun part—you can design your Drop-in’s icon with the live preview icon designer and select the associated icon from the Dashicons library.

Design your Drop-ins new icon with Dashicons and Live Preview

Once you are happy with your Drop-in’s settings, go ahead to the third and final step to Generate and Download your new Drop-in!

You will be given a .zip file which you can then proceed to the MD Drop-ins Manager to install your Drop-in. Once activated can immediately begin work on your new code in the wp-content/md-dropins folder.

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